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1970 TONKA Streaks and Rods

By Jerry Broz

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author unless otherwise stated.

1970 Vintage Tonka Assembly Line – Street Streaks and Hot Rods

Tonka’s quality image and immense line of automotive toys has become legendary. These toys are well-known for their stainless steel bodies, low friction axles, lifetime tires, non-toxic baked enamel finish or parts made of the new amazingly tough polycarbonate material used in today’s automotive and appliance industries. It is quite amazing that Tonka toys can be found in kids’ toy boxes all over the world.

Among the new toy cars of the late sixties and the early seventies, Tonka introduced the “Assembly Line Street Streaks Hot Rods“. There were a total of seven toys available as a kits or as assembled toy cars. These toys are very hard to find collectible toy cars, and difficult for collectors to pass up. These Hot Rods have chrome-
like finish exposed engines, injectors or scoops, headers, radiators, hubs, front and rear tanks, rear bumpers, steering wheels, and even a wrecker hook. Durable plastics are used for the other parts of the vehicles such as the chassis, coupe tops, wrecker boom, tonneau,
windshields, etc. Each toy car has a rugged steel body with rubber fat rear slicks. The kits have very well written and illustrated assembly instructions. The full collection is known as the 1970 Vintage Tonka Assembly Line Street Streak Hot Rods. Pictured from top to bottom are the Freeway Fireballs (2 cars), Shuttle Buggy, and Draggin Wagon #1, respectively.  The other three, which are not shown, were called the Highway Hornets (2 cars) and Draggin Wagon #2.

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