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News from the Continent September/October 2017- Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Photographs provided by, and copyright of Schuco.

Schuco models are diecast in China for Germany in various ranges to various scales.

Recent Relelases

Piccolo (1:90 Scale)

450574400 Mercedes-Benz O319 “Edelweiss Klassik 2017”

Edition 1:43 (1:43 Scale)

450389300 Volkswagen Brezel-Beetle “Wintersport” – grey

This is another strange model from Schuco. It is a split-window Beetle yet it is fitted incorrectly with small ventilator windows in the doors. The original vehicle appeared in 1952 and was also without the “rheumatism flaps” by the A-pillars. Faults on Schuco VWs are repeated again and again in spite of information being supplied to the product manager. Schuco clearly let the Chinese manufacturers do what they want.

PRO.R43 (1:43 Scale)

450893500 Magirus Deutz O6500 “German Federal Post”

PRO.R32 (1:32 Scale)


450901700 Famulus RS 14-36 tractor – green

450901800 Tracked tractor T100 M3 – grey

Edition 1:87 (1:87 Scale)


452626700 Volkswagen Golf Mk.I GTI – silver

452627700 Porsche 356 A Speedster – red

452628300 Opel Manta A “Black Magic”

452630100 Mercedes-Benz LP608 box truck “Märklin”

452620700 Mercedes-Benz L1113 flatbed truck with tank “ARAL”

Releases expected in October 2017

EDITION PRO.R43 (1:43 Scale)


450891700 Porsche 911 (993) Turbo Cabriolet – blue

450891800 Porsche 911 (993) Speedster – silver

450891300 Porsche 911 Targa – Grand Prix white

450891400 Porsche 911 Targa “Rijkspolitie”

Edition PRO.R32 (1:32 Scale)


450896700 Coffee plantation tractor

Edition 1:18 (1:18 Scale)


450040200 Porsche Cayman GT4 – blue

Edition PRO.R18 (1:18 Scale)


450007300 Brütsch Mopetta scooter – red and white


450007400 Brütsch Mopetta scooter – blue and white


450010800 BMW 502 “Hearse”

Edition 1:87


452627200 Fiat 500 Rally – red

452627300 Fiat 500 Giardiniera “Sport” – white and red

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The Scooter in Miniature – Other Makes

By Dave Turner

Photographs and illustrations of some of the models discussed in this article taken by the Author may be found at the end of the article. 


Ducati began producing radio parts in 1922 followed by cameras and electric razors. After the Second World War Ducati acquired Siata to produce clip-on motors for cycles and in 1952 launched the Cruiser scooter. Years before its time it featured a 175cc ohv four stroke motor with a 12 volt electric starter, automatic transmission and styling by Ghia. Far too sophisticated for the period it died after just two years but another attempt came with the totally basic Brio 48 in 1964 with a 94cc 2 stroke motor followed by the Brio 50 and 100/25 between 1968/9.

A very nice model of the Cruiser is available sold as Altaya but made by Ixo no doubt in conjunction with a part-work. Of mainly diecast construction it features plastic side panels and working steering.


Makers of German aircraft since 1922 Heinkel were limited to three and two wheeled vehicle production after the Second World War. Their 150cc Tourist 101 was made from 1953-54 and featured a four stroke engine. This model was replaced by the 175cc 102 in 1954 while a Mk11 version with more streamlined rear bodywork was made from 1962-67. A smaller two stroke machine, the 112 featured a 125cc engine in 1960 but was enlarged to 150 in 1961 for continued production until 1967.

Schuco produced some superb 1:10 scale diecast models of the Mk11 Tourist in a variety of versions as well as smaller versions in their Piccolo range.


The Czech firm of Janacek made the German Wanderer motor cycle under licence and when they merged with the Czech Arms Works who had made motor cycles since 1932, the name Jawa was created. Their distinctive 501 scooter made from 1957-64 featured a pointed nose that accommodated the fuel tank and the headlamp. A subsequent model the 502 had more power with a 175 engine and the headlight was later moved onto the apron being replaced in the nose by the horn. In 2017 an electric powered scooter, the 507, featured the same styling and is to be built in limited numbers in China.

A smaller engined and less eye-catching scooter, the Manet appeared in 1958 and featured a 98cc motor and became the Tatran with 125 motor in 1965.

A flywheel powered plastic toy Cezeta captured the recognisable styling very well and carries the CH logo as its only means of identification.


The French Motobecane company made motor cycles from 1923, the post war Mobylette being among their most popular products. In 1984 the Japanese Yamaha company became its parent company and the name became MBK. Among the contemporary Japanese parent companies products was the Zuma scooter and MBK gave it the name Booster and the French factory have produced these in large numbers in 50 and 125cc versions.

Appropriately Majorette, possibly in conjunction with Hatchette, have produced a model of the French version of this machine, said to be a 1995 50cc example.


This Italian company began in 1930 producing pedal cycles but like many moved into mopeds and scooters in the post war period. A myriad of different scooters were produced but the Phantom F12 appeared in 1997. The F12 Phantom had a 50cc motor and was water cooled, production lasting until 2003.

Maisto produced a 1:18 scale diecast model of the F12 Phantom and it comes complete with “liquid cooled” stickers that are barely legible.


Mitsubishi began as a shipping company in 1870 and from 1881 developed into a huge conglomerate embracing first coal mining, then steel producing, shipbuilding, insurance and eventually producing anything and everything imaginable. From 1921 aircraft were produced and in common with some other Japanese operations they enforced slave labour during the Second World War. Motor scooter production began in 1946 with the 112cc C10 Silver Pigeon while at least seventeen further developments of the Silver Pigeon scooter were made up to the early 1960s, taking 45% of the Japanese scooter market.

The C110 Silver Pigeon was a 175cc 4 stroke machine with automatic transmission made between 1960/61 and some tinplate toys of which were made by both Marusan and Bandai.


The German Simson brothers got into the gun and gun barrel producing business in 1856 and by 1896 were making bicycles. Although firearms continued to be their principle products cars were made from 1907 to 1934 – with the inevitable wartime gap. As the Simson family were Jewish, the German Third Reich seized their factory in 1936 renaming the operation BSW. Following the Second World War the factory ended up in the German Democratic Republic and began producing 4 stroke motor cycles in 1949. In 1955 the Simson name was restored and the production of two stroke mopeds began developing into the KR51 Simson Schwalbe (Swallow) scooter in 1964. This featured a 50cc motor and large 16” wheels and with an increase in power output became the KR51/1 in 1968. The subsequent KR 51/2 remained in production until 1986 and the Schwalbe has become quite collectable in Germany.

A 1:10 diecast Simson KR 51/1 Schwalbe was produced by Schuco in 2006 while a much smaller 1:87 model of the same subject has been made by Herpa.


This Japanese company began by producing loom machines in 1909 but was trying to expand its product base by experimenting with a prototype light car prior to the Second World War. Following the hostilities production of 36cc powered cycles began in 1952, motor cycles in 1954 and cars a year later. In the early 1980s their first scooters appeared with the CS50, 80 and 125, called Gemma in Asia, Roadie in the UK and Puch Lido in Europe.

A 1:28 scale diecast Gemma 50 was made by Tomy, a slightly larger 1:24 scale diecast of the same subject from Tamiya and kits in 1:12 scale from Aoshima/Imai.


Yamaha began producing pianos and reed organs in 1887 and ultimately became the largest manufacturers of musical instruments in the world. They first produced motor cycles is 1954 with their 125cc two stroke Dragonfly, that was based on the German DKW RT 125, as was the BSA Bantam. Their first of many scooters came in 1981 with the 50cc Salient and 80cc Beluga, Riva in the US and Hercules in Europe. In 1985 a 125cc version was added. The Zuma scooter came in 1989 and this was also made in France by MBK. In an effort to modernise their range of scooters Yamaha produced the YJ 50 Vino in 2001 which continued until updated into the XC50 in 2006. Production of this continues today while the 125cc version lasted from 2004-10. The Yamaha Majesty was a large machine appearing in 2001 and was produced in 125, 250 and 400cc sizes.

In model form Yamaha scooters have been produced in various sizes and materials. Plastic kits for the Beluga came from Aoshima/Imai in 1:12 scale and Otaki in 1:16 scale, while a diecast 1:24 scale version came from Tomica. A diecast/plastic 1:18 scale Vino YJ50R came from Welly, a diecast 1:6 scale version of the same was done by New Ray while the big Majesty DX 400 also came in 1:18 scale from Welly.


This German company began by producing detonators in 1917 but as the demand for weapons parts declined after the war motor cycle manufacture began in 1921. Following the Second World War microcar, moped and scooter production was undertaken and inspired by the Parilia Greyhound, the Zundapp Bella scooter appeared in 1953. These became generally regarded as among the best scooters in the world at the time and through various updates continued in both 150 and 200 versions until 1964. An attempt to get into the small scooter market was launched in 1964 with the Roller 50 that was based on the contemporary Lambretta Slimline. The company closed in 1985 and the factory and stock were moved to China.

At least three very different miniature Bellas have been made. Tinplate toys came from Technofix while a variety of 1:10 scale diecast models of the 1957-59 R204 came from Schuco in 2004. The latter included solo examples, some with “Deutsche Bundespost” boxes mounted on the rear as well as machines with sidecars. There has also been some 1:43 scale models of the same R204 Bella from Premium Classix, in this case those with a rear box are marked “Ginos Pizza”


As a final section there has been a few toys of scooters that so far have not been identified, in fact they are probably not meant to depict any particular example.

A quite imaginatively styled plastic battery driven toy called Chalmy Rider came from WS in Hong Kong and carries the number 6623 under its base. The seat tips revealing space that accommodates a couple of AA batteries, the fitting of which drives the twin rear wheels and illuminated an orange headlight.

An extremely slim plastic toy scooter that vaguely resembles something like the Triumph Tina carries no markings at all and probably came as an accessory to a Barbie type toy.

An all wood crafted toy has a suggestion of machine made parts that have been glued together but carries a barcode under its base.

Model list

Ducati Cruiser 175cc 1952-54 Altaya/Ixo 70mm 1:25 diecast/plastic
Heinkel Tourist 103A2 175cc 1960-65 Schuco 1:10 diecast kit
Heinkel Tourist 103A2 175cc 1960-65 Schuco Piccolo diecast
Jawa Cezeta 501 175cc 1957-64 CH 164mm plastic flywheel
MBK Booster Rocket 50cc 1984 Majorette 99mm 1:18 diecast/plastic
Malaguti Phantom F12 50cc 1997-03 Maisto 102mm 1:18 diecast/plastic
Mitsubishi C110 Silver Pigeon 175cc 1960-61 Marusan tinplate
Mitsubishi C110 Silver Pigeon 175cc 1960-61 Bandai tinplate
Simson KR 51/1 Schwalbe 50cc 1968-71 Schuco 1:10
Suzuki Gemma 50 50cc 1982-88 Aoshima/Imai 1:12 plastic kit
Suzuki Gemma 50 50cc 1982-88 Tamiya 80mm 1:24 diecast
Suzuki Gemma 50 50cc 1982-88 Tomy 58mm 1:28 diecast
Yamaha Beluga 80cc 1981-87 Aoshima/Imai 144 mm 1:12 plastic kit
Yamaha Beluga 80cc 1981-87 Otaki 1:16 plastic kit
Yamaha Beluga 80cc 1981-87 Tomica 80mm 1:24 diecast
Yamaha Vino VJ50R 50cc 2001-05 Welly 102mm 1:18 diecast/plastic
Yamaha Vino  VJ50R 50cc 2001-05 New Ray 1:6
Yamaha Majesty DX 400 400cc 2005-09 Welly 117mm 1:18 diecast/plastic
Zundapp Bella 200cc 1953-62 Technofix tin
Zundapp Bella R204 200cc 1957-59 Schuco 1:10 diecast kit
Zundapp Bella R204 200cc 1957-59 Premium Classix 1:43 resin



Altaya/Ixo 1:25 diecast/plastic from China : 1952 Ducati Cruiser

Schuco 1:10 diecast kit : 06537, 1960 Heinkel 103 A2 Tourist.

Schuco Piccolo diecast : 05701, 1960 Heinkel 103 A2 Tourist.

CH plastic flywheel driven : 1957 Jawa Cezeta 501.

Majorette 1:18 diecast/plastic from Thailand: 1984 MBK Booster Rocket

Maisto 1:18 diecast/plastic from China : 1987 Malaguti Phantom F12.

Marusan tinplate from Japan : 1960 Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon C110.


Bandai tinplate from Japan: 1960 Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon C110.

Schuco 1:10 diecast kit : 06640, 1968 Simson KR 51/1 Schwalbe.

Aoshima 1:12 plastic kit from Japan: 1982 Suzuki Gemma 50

Tamiya 1:24 diecast from Japan: 1982 Suzuki Gemma 50

Tomy 1:28 diecast from Japan: 49, 1982 Suzuki Gemma 50.


 Aoshima 1:12 plastic kit from Japan: 1981 Yamaha Beluga.

Tomica 1:24 diecast from Japan: 1981 Yamaha Beluga.

Welly 1:18 diecast/plastic from China: 2001 Yamaha Vino YJ50R.

New Ray 1:6 from China: 2001 Yamaha Vino YJ50R.

Welly 1:18 diecast/plastic from China: 2005 Yamaha Majesty DX 400.

Technofix tin from Japan: 1953 Zundapp Bella.

Schuco 1:10 diecast kit: 06590, 1958 Zundapp Bella R204.

Schuco 1:10 diecast kit: 06593 1958 Zundapp Bella r204 with Deutsche Bundespost box.

Premium Classix 1:43 : 1957 Zundapp Bella R204.
Premium Classix 1:43: 1957 Zundapp Bella R204 with Ginos Pizza box.
WS plastic battery driven from Hong Kong: Chalmy Rider toy.

Anonymous slim plastic scooter.

Anonymous wood scooter.


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News from the Continent – Schuco March 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


The new releases expected during February and March are described range by range below.

February 2017 Releases


450517600 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud “Happy Birthday 2017”


450151500 Citroen 2CV “Charleston”


450559000 Volkswagen Beetle #53 Herbie – The little rally-mechanic kit box


450955200 Mini Display II with Piccolo Ferrari 250 Le Mans #5 and AC Cobra #6


450986700 Set Schuco Espresso cup Edition VIII “Radiant” with Piccolo Barkas B1000


# 19864-19867 450559100 Porsche 911 – The little sports car mechanic kit box



450218000 BMW 507 Softtop – black with dark red soft top


450246600 Mercedes-Benz 170V saloon with wood gas generator


450369600 Volkswagen T1c Samba bus – black/white


450369700 Volkswagen T1c Camper – brown/beige



450894300 Volkswagen T1 Samba bus “Woody“ – brown/red


450899900 Mercedes-Benz AMG “Vision Grand Tourismo”



450769800 Lanz Bulldog D 9506 with wood gas generator


450898900 Lanz Bulldog with threshing machine



450030800 Porsche 356A Speedster – black


450014300 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 401 with “Westfalia” cab


450019400 Volkswagen T2a micro-bus L- white/blue


450037000 Volkswagen T1b pick up with canvas tilt – beige

Edition 1:87


452626600 Porsche 356A Coupe


452617900 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL – open


452618000 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL – soft top


452618100 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL – open

452618200 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL – Hardtop


452618300 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL – Prototype #21


452618400 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL – Prototype


452618700 Mercedes-Benz SL R107 – open


Military 1:87


452623900 Boxer transport-tank with stain-camouflage – German Bundeswehr


452624000 Boxer transport-tank “ISAF” with stain-camouflage


Aviation 1:600


403551677 Airbus A350-900 Finnair


403551678 Boeing 777-300 Korean Airlines


403551679 Boeing 777-300 Cathay Pacific

March 2017 Releases



450607300 Set Piccolo Collectors catalogue 1994-2016 hard cover with Piccolo Mercedes-Benz SSKL


450986600 Set Schuco Espresso cup Edition Vii “Micro Racer” with Piccolo Volkswagen Beetle


450561500 Volkswagen Beetle “Yellow-black-racer”


450562800 Volkswagen T1 Pickup #53 – hard to believe, but it is a pickup in Herbie livery!

Edition 1:43


450211700 BMW Isetta “Landes Polizei”


450389200 Volkswagen Beetle 1600i “Summer” – lemon yellow


450274900 Mercedes-Benz O 6600 Coach “Travel-Darling”

450291700 Mercedes-Benz O 319 Coach – beige/green

Edition PRO.R32


450899200 Hanomag R 40 with roof – green

450899300 Hanomag R 40 without roof – red

Edition PRO.R18


450009200 Jaguar E-Type “Shooting Brake” – (uncredited, but it is clearly the E-Type hearse from the film Harold and Maude)

Edition 1:64


452014600 Volkswagen Beetle 1960 “PTT” – Swiss Mail


452014700 Volkswagen T3 Joker with high roof – white


452014800 Volkswagen Beetle 1960 “Fire brigade”


452014900 Mini Cooper with Sunroof – turquoise


452015000 Mercedes-Benz /8 saloon “German Police”


452015100 Lamborghini Huracan “concept black”

Military 1:87


452624300 Dingo armoured vehicle – stain-camouflage German Bundeswehr


452624400 Dingo I Full protection vehicle – stain camouflage “ISAF”


452624500 Yak multi-purpose wheeled vehicle “ISAF”


452624800 Fennek Armoured Scout Car – stain camouflage German Bundeswehr


452624900 Fennek Armoured Scout Car – stain camouflage “ISAF”


452625000 Mercedes-Benz Unimog S 404 Pick up with canvas tilt German Bundeswehr


452625100 Mercedes-Benz Unimog S 404 Ambulance German Bundeswehr


452625900 MAN 5t GL truck – stain camouflage – German Bundeswehr


452626000 MAN 7t GL truck – German Bundeswehr


452626100 MAN 10t GL truck German Bundeswehr

Aviation 1:600


403551675 Boeing 747-400 China Airlines


403551683 Airbus A350-900 Vietnam Airlines


403551684 Boeing 787-8 United Airlines

Classic Range


450004500 Mercedes-Benz 170V pick up “Schuco advertising vehicle”

Edition 1:43


450369800 Volkswagen T1c “Ferrari Automobiles Francorchamps”

Edition 1:32


450762700 Schlüter Compact 1350 tractor with power-lift and a box with a bag as load.


450775000 Fortschritt (Progress) ZT 303 “NVA” (National Peoples Army of the former DDR)

Edition PRO.R32


450896300 Volkswagen T1b Pick up with BMW Isetta Standard “Autohaus Jacobi”

Edition 1:18


450037100 Volkswagen T1b Westfalia-pick up “Porsche” Loaded with Formula V racing car

Edition 1:10


450650800 BMW R 100 RS motorcycle – blue/silver metallic

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News from the Continent January 2017 – Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Photographs supplied by the Manufacturer

The models shown below should now be on sale.


450603300 Studio VI Auto Union Streamline, open wheel housing


450898700 Mercedes-Benz ML “Dino Parc” I
450898800 Mercedes-Benz ML “Dino Parc” II
450896600 Auwärter bus “Porsche Racing Service”


450895400 Hürlimann DH 6


450038600 Volkswagen T3 “Joker” Camping bus with foldable roof in Cream/White
450018700 Volkswagen T2a Camping bus white/orange
450034600 Setra S6 Coach “Fischer”


450008100 MAN racing car transporter “Porsche”

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Toys in Nuremberg

By Fabrizio Panico


Photographs were taken by the Author and appear after the text below.


Nuremberg is an ideal place to establish a Toy Museum. From the doll makers of medieval times and the tin toy industries of the 19th and 20th centuries, to the present International Toy Fair, Nuremberg has always been the most famous “toy town” in the world.

The Nuremberg Toy Museum opened in 1971 in the very heart of the Old Town, near the famous Hauptmarkt. Based on the collection of Lydia and Paul Bayer, its collection comprises more than 70,000 items, about 5% currently displayed, the rest safely in their stores, but all are made accessible “virtually” by web displays of technical information and pictures.

From the wooden toys on the ground floor to the dolls (with their incredible houses and shops) and Lehmann toys on the first floor, the “Tin World” (vehicles, trains, boats etc) on the second floor and the more recent toys (post Second World War) on the third floor, you will be amazed by all the beautiful toys. A Museum Shop on the ground floor offers publications and selected toys.

I will limit my pictures of this wonderful museum to the displays of road vehicles. If you are interested in other toys then you may see the web site at

Almost all the toys displayed are of German origin, with a few foreign ones to provide a comparison, the most striking example being the Märklin Metallbaukasten and Meccano and their derivatives. However, you will find that there are many more foreign models in store and viewable via the web site.

Worth a visit indeed!


01 – a beautiful display of penny toys

02 – the VW set by DUX

03 – the VW set by DUX

04 – Gunthermann Studebaker and Tipp & Co limousine

05 – VW Transporters by Tipp & Co

06 – VW Transporters by Tipp & Co

07 – Distler Porsche and Tipp & Co Mercedes

08 – Schuco display

09 – Schuco Mirakocar

10 – Volkspolizei Wartburg 353 by Schockwellenreiter Modellauto (DDR)

11 – Lehmann GNOM tin fire engine

12 – Bing limousine

13 – Distler limousine

14 – Märklin Auto-baukasten truck

15 – Märklin Auto-baukasten set

16 – Märklin Aerodynamic and Mercedes

17 – Aero-Car by Blomer & Schuler

18 – Lehmann GNOM models

19 – Lehmann Deutsche Reichspost van

20 – Lehmann cars

21 – Lehmann in DDR : the Sportwagen no. 512 by VEB Mechanische Spielwaren

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1:87 Scale Märklin/Schuco Military Vehicles

By Robin Godwin


Dickie-Schuco are now the owners of Märklin (thanks to our Continental Editor Hans-Georg Schmitt for confirming this with Dickie-Schuco). Back in 2007, Märklin introduced a superb line of 1:87 military vehicles under the 4MFOR brand name. Although they were designed primarily as accessories for HO trains, and in particular, the Märklin Bundeswehr train sets. These were also released as 4MFOR items, but I won’t talk about the trains. The 4MFOR vehicles were exceptional and collectable in their own right. The series initially consisted of soft-skin vehicles (unarmoured), armoured wheeled vehicles, tanks, and AAA mounted on a tank chassis, all unique to the German Army. Later some of the models and rolling stock were issued in Danish, Swiss, Netherlands and Austrian Army markings – mostly based upon Leopard Tanks and Gepard AAA (Leopard chassis). The vehicles were largely die cast with some plastic detail components.

I was disappointed in one aspect of the models – the tank tracks and rolling gear. The first 4MFOR catalogue from 2007 showed what looked like separate tracks mounted on accurate rolling gear – in the catalogue photos one could see daylight through the gaps between the road wheels. These must have been pre-production prototypes, as the models were issued with wheels and tracks as one-piece (per side, that is) coloured plastic castings and with no daylight visible. They look like plastic, and in fact, appear to be less detailed than the metal hull casting. I suppose, as display pieces, this doesn’t really matter, but rubber or plastic tracks running on metal wheels would have looked much better, and been more consistent with the general construction of the vehicle.

The 2008 4MFOR catalog illustrated a Mercedes-Benz LG 315 canvas roof military truck which, to my knowledge, was never actually issued as a Märklin. There was a 2009 catalog (which I don’t have), presumably with more future releases illustrated, but things went very quiet on the 4MFOR front soon after that. I can only assume that the line did not sell particularly well, or that Märklin was in financial trouble, and production ceased. Perhaps portending the Schuco acquisition, a few of the soft skin vehicles issued by Märklin as 4MFOR vehicles were actually sourced from Schuco which, of course, were sourced from a Chinese manufacturer – see photos.

Schuco is now issuing a Military 87 line, and the first issue was the Märklin Mercedes Benz truck illustrated in the 2008 catalog. It is a beauty, with metal bonnet, lower cab and tractor bed. Everything else is plastic. There are two more recently issued vehicles which I believe had Märklin origins but which were never issued. These are a steel roof MB LG 315 military truck, and a Marder Infantry Combat Vehicle. This would indicate that design and pattern work had likely been underway at Märklin, but production was never started. The latest Schuco releases are the Serval (light Special Forces vehicle) and two versions of the Wolf G (by Mercedes Benz), a light Utility Support vehicle that is a military version of the G-Wagen. Both the Serval and Wolf were issued as Märklins, with 4MFOR cast into the bases, but likely this has now been changed to Schuco. These vehicles are not inexpensive at 20 to 30 Euros each, but you do get what you pay for. I’m looking forward to some Schuco original vehicles.

Leopard Tank illustrated in the 2007 catalog showing what must be a pre-production sample. Note gaps between road wheels and what look like separate tracks

A production Gepard Anti-Aircraft gun, mounted on a Leopard chassis. Note the one piece wheels and tracks, looking very “plasticy”

2008 catalogue illustration of canvas roof Mercedes-Benz LG 315 Army Truck. To my knowledge, never sold as a Märklin

The Schuco issued Mercedes-Benz LG 315. Look carefully and you can see a tiny perfectly-formed plastic MB emblem above the radiator. For those who care, the license plate is different on the production model

Base of Mercedes-Benz LG 315 with Schuco cast in

Simple but very effective packaging – no screws or wires

Märklin 4MFOR #18706 VW 181 Open Police Vehicle

Base of Märklin 4MFOR VW 181 – oh my, it’s actually a Schuco, long before Schuco owned Märklin. Keyhole in base is for key-like fastening to a plinth that was not used by Märklin 4MFOR. This fastening system is typical of High Speed, likely the original source of the Märklin/Schuco model.

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News from the Continent Oct/Nov 2016 – Schuco

By Hans Georg Schmitt


Here are the details of the Schuco releases announced for October and November. The photographs have been supplied by Schuco. These models are diecast in China for Germany.

October 2016

Edition 1:18


450038000 Volkswagen T3 Bus – green/beige

450035300 Porsche 911S Coupe 1973

Military 1:87


452624600 Serval BW

452624700 Serval ISAF

452625500 Mercedes-Benz Wolf G Sanka ISAF



450604500 Set Studio VII with Studio I Compressor and Piccolo Studio I

Set Studio I Compressor with mechanical sound and figurines

450101901 Set Studio I assembling box with 3 figurines

Piccolo Range


450607200 Set Piccolo collectors catalogue 1994-2015 with Piccolo Volkswagen T1 Doublecabin

450562700 Piccolo Volkswagen T1 pickup “Christmas Special 2016”

450185400 Piccolo Gift set I

450607201 Piccolo Collectors Catalogue 1994-2015 – softcover

Edition 1:43


450388000 Volkswagen Beetle Open Air “Christmas 2016”

Edition 1:32


450767900 Set “John Deere”

450894100 Set “Holder” – Holder A20 with Volkswagen T1b delivery van

450778300 Güldner G75 tractor

450778400 Güldner G60 with roof



450038500 Volkswagen T3 “Joker” Camper



450008800 Isocarro pickup – light blue



452623000 Hanomag Courier “BMW Isetta Service”

452626400 FBW C40U “PTT” Alpine car (Swiss Post Bus)



452625600 Mercedes-Benz Wolf G ISAF

November 2016

Piccolo Range


450569600 Mercedes-Benz -/8 saloon in tin can “Model of the year 2016”



450772400 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1600 “Winter-Service back from action”



450894200 Volkswagen T1b delivery van “Volkswagen spare part service”

450895900 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 401 “Westfalia driver cabin Frogeye”



452620100 Volkswagen T1 Pick up with canvas cover “Dunlop”
452630200 Volkswagen T1 Pick up with canvas cover “Deutsche Bundespost”

452620300 Volkswagen T1 Pick up with canvas cover “Märklin”

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News from the Continent – Schuco August/September 2016

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


These are releases which Schuco intended to release in August  and September 2016. The models are made in China for Germany to various scales. The photographs are from the manufacturer.

Classic Range


450177300 Micro Racer “Volkswagen Beetle – Herbie #53” self-assembly

Piccolo Range


450557000 Volkswagen T1b double-cabin pick up with canvas cover


450573500 Mercedes-Benz SSKL

Edition 1:43


450274800 Mercedes-Benz O 6600 Bus “Wanderfreund” with driver figure

Edition 1:18




450033800 Porsche 934 RSR “Brumos” #61 – Daytona  24 hours

Drivers P. Gregg/J. Busby

Edition 1:10



450662800 NSU Quickly with driver figure

Edition 1:64



452013100 Volkswagen Golf GTI – red


452013400 Land Rover defender – white


452013700 Porsche Macan Turbo – blue


452013800 Volkswagen T3 Westfalia Camper with flat roof – yellow


452013900 Volkswagen T3 Bus – green


452014000 Mercedes-Benz /8 saloon – black

Aviation 1:600 Range



403551668 Airbus A330-300 “Turkish Airlines”


403551665 Airbus A350-900 “Reg. F-WZFC”


403551661 Boeing B787-800 “British Airways”


403551674 Airbus A380-800 “Lufthansa”

September 2016

Classic Range



450177400 Micro Racer “Porsche 356” Self-assembly



450948100 Pop Art Edition “Mercedes 1936” Art-print

Edition PRO.R43



450895000 coffee plantation tractor

Edition :18



450031100 Porsche 356 A Cabriolet – blue

18798-schuco-450039400_00 18799-schuco-450039400_10

450039400 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS – Sappire blue metallic

18800-schuco-450040000_00 18801-schuco-450040000_10

450040000 Porsche Cayman GT4 – racing yellow

18802-schuco-450040100_00 18803-schuco-450040100_10

450040100 Porsche Cayman GT4 – black metallic

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News from the Continent June/July 2016 – Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here are the products announced by Schuco for release in June and July 2106

June 2016

Edition 1:43

18620 Schuco 450266700_00 450266700 Opel Olympia Caravan “Messerschmitt Service” with trailer, loaded with a cabin scooter

Edition 1:10

18621 Schuco 450664900 450664900 Hercules K 50 RL motorcycle, red.

Edition 1:87

18622 Schuco 452621600452621600 Volkswagen T1 delivery van “Persil washing powder”

Aviation 1:600

18623 Schuco 403551672403551672 Airbus A340-300 “Cathay Pacific”

18624 Schuco 403551660403551660 Boeing B777-300 “Air France”

18625 Schuco 403551662403551662 Airbus A321 “Swiss International Airlines”

18626 Schuco 403551643_00_00403551643 Airbus A350-900 “German Lufthansa”

July 2016 Releases


18627 Schuco 450117900_00450117900 Piccolo Pop-Art Edition I “Mercedes 1936”

Edition 1:43

18628 Schuco 450278800450278800 Hanomag R40 tractor with roof

18629 Schuco 450284600450284600 MAN 4 S2 tractor

# 18630 450219000 BMW 3,0 CSL Coupe, golf yellow

18631 Schuco 450374000450374000 Volkswagen T1c Pickup with trailer, loaded with Allgaier tractor

18632 Schuco 450305500450305500 Opel Blitz pickup “HOREX” loaded with motorcycles Horex Regina

18633 Schuco 450238800450238800 DKW Schnelllaster “DKW” with trailer, loaded with motorcycles DKW RT 125 and DKW RT 350

Edition PRO.R43

18634 Schuco 450899600 450899600 Ford GT40 “Le Mans camera car”

Edition 1:32

18635 Schuco 450769700450769700 Lanz Ackerluft tractor with trailer “Schenker”


18636 Schuco 450028500450028500 Volkswagen T1b Delivery van “Martini”

18637 Schuco 450036600450036600 Volkswagen T1b Delivery van “Persil washing powder”

Edition PRO.R18

18638 Schuco 450008500450008500 Kleinschnittger F-125 roadster – silver metallic

Edition 1:87

18639 Schuco 452620900452620900 Porsche 911 (991) Carrera S Coupe – white

18640 Schuco 452622200452622200 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Coupe, red

Aviation 1:600

18641 Schuco 403551664403551664 Concorde “Singapore Airlines/British Airways

18642 Schuco 403551663403551663 Airbus A380-800 “Thai Airlines”

Aviation 1:250

18643 Schuco 403551669403551669 Junkers Ju52 “Manfred von Richthofen”

18644 Schuco 403551670403551670 Concorde „Singapore Airlines/British Airways“


18645 Schuco 450148200450148200 Microracer 1046 “Volkswagen Beetle, white/blue”


18646 Schuco 450955100450955100 Mini-Display I with Piccolo Mini van and Piccolo Morgan +8

18647 Schuco 450569500450569500 Mercedes-Benz /8 saloon

18648 Schuco 450570500450570500 Dodge Charger “General Lee”

Edition 1:43

18649 Schuco 450345500450345500 Borgward B2500 pickup “Messerschmitt Service”,  loaded with Messerschmitt cabin scooter

Edition PRO.R43

18650 Schuco 450896500450896500 Auwärter Bus “Shell Racing Service”

Edition 1:18

18651 Schuco 450039500450039500 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet – white

18652 Schuco 450039000450039000 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Coupe – crimson

Military 1:87

18653 Schuco 452624100452624100 Marder 1A2 armoured personnel carrier “German Bundeswehr”

18654 Schuco 452624200452624200 Marder 1A2 armoured personnel carrier “Camouflage”

18655 Schuco 452625200452625200 Mercedes-Benz LG 315 “German Bundeswehr” drivers cab with foldable roof

18656 Schuco 452625300452625300 Mercedes-Benz LG 315 “German Bundeswehr” closed driver cabin

Aviation 1:600

18657 Schuco 403551671403551671 Boeing B747-400 “Delta Airlines”

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News from the Continent June 2016 – Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Schuco is inviting their fans to the “Collector´s Meeting 2016”in Fürth. It will be held on the 29th of October. Collectors will, as usual, be able to see “behind the scenes” at the company headquarters. Entrance costs 15 Euros but included in the price is a special model, this year a Piccolo Mercedes-Benz bus, a lottery ticket, and some lunch. Collectors will get an advance view of what is coming in 2017.

Attendance can be booked by contacting Dickie Spielzeug GmbH & Co.KG, Sammlertreffen 2016, Werkstraße 1, 90765 Fürth; or by e-mail to


18450 Schuco 450986500 450986500 Set Schuco Espresso-cup “Edition VI – Varianto”

With Piccolo Ford FK 1000 box van.

Edition 1:43

18451 Schuco 450238900 450238900 DKW van “Büssing Customer Service”with trailer and two truck-tyres.

18452 Schuco 450282000 450282000 Mercedes-Benz O 319 with driver figurine

18453 Schuco 450369400450369400 Volkswagen T1b “Persil Delivery van”

18454 Schuco 450303900450303900 Magirus S6500 “ARAL” Tank truck

Edition 1:32

18455 Schuco 450762400 450762400 Schlüter Compact 1250 TV6 with front loader
18456 Schuco 450771700 450771700 Kirovets K-700A tractor – blue

Edition 1:18

18457 Schuco 450028400450028400 Volkswagen T1b Samba-Bus black-brown/red

Edition 1:87

18458 Schuco 452620600452620600 Mercedes-Benz O 321 Bus “German Bundesbahn”


18459 Schuco 450111700450111700 Studio I Racing car “cut-out-model” – red

18460 Schuco 450186400450186400 Examico 4001 sportscar – blue

Edition PRO.R43

18461 Schuco 450894600450894600 Borgward Tractor

18462 Schuco 450899700450899700 Chevrolet Blazer “Amity Police Department”

Edition 1:32

18463 Schuco 450773100 450773100 John Deere 6400 Tractor

Edition 1:18

18464 Schuco 450029200450029200 Volkswagen Beetle 1600 “Ultima Edicion – snap orange”

18465 Schuco 450035000 18466 Schuco 450035000_1450035000 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Cabriolet


18467 Schuco 450654800450654800 Kreidler Florett motorcycle with leg protection


18468 Schuco 452621700452621700 Porsche Diesel Junior Tractor with mowbar and rollbar

18469 Schuco 452621200452621200 Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS Coupe – red

18470 Schuco 452621500452621500 Porsche Macan S – silver metallic


18471 Schuco 450012900450012900 Lanz Eil-Bulldog with hood “Lanz-blue”

18472 Schuco 450028300 18473 Schuco 450028300_10450028300 Volkswagen T1b Samba-Bus “Hippie” with roof rack and surf boards

Edition 1:64

18474 Schuco 452013200452013200 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 – red

Edition 1:87

18475 Schuco 452622400452622400 Volkswagen Beetle

18476 Schuco 452622800452622800 Lanz Bulldog with bandsaw

18477 Schuco 452622900452622900 Lanz tracked tractor

Aviation 1:600

18478 Schuco 403551666403551666 Airbus A340-300 “Konrad Adenauer”

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