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The Ford in Miniature – Ford Sierra Sapphire

By Dave Turner

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author unless otherwise stated.

Compared to the vast number of miniature Cosworth Sierra Sapphires there have been very few models of the regular Sapphire. That German range BS Design tiny resin solid models included a 1:89 scale Sapphire with all the same characteristics of their five door Sierra. Remaining with the small replicas Ford’s range of silver plated key rings made in the late 1980s included a little Sapphire that was a one piece casting with a separate metal flat base that included the wheels. Just one external mirror is featured on the casting and that is on the left so we have to assume that the miniature represents a LHD car.

Back in Germany the Schabak range of diecasts included a Sapphire 2.0i Ghia in both 1:43 and 1:25 scales, the larger examples coming in both left and right hand drive. For some reason the front end of the models to hand features the Ghia version of the five door Sierra’s grille, with a very shallow slot in the centre below the bonnet edge, rather than the significant grille between the headlights used on the Sapphire versions. These 1:43 and 1:25 scale models feature opening bonnet, doors (A full door frame on the 1:25), and boot as well as engine details. All feature incorrect wheels , they have ten holes rather than the eight that the real cars sported.

Corgi issued their Vanguards version of the Sapphire in 2007 and it appears to be very nice indeed. Several variations have appeared since then as Police in Cosworth form. Various colours have been used including a black one that was announced but seemed to have been produced in small numbers. Some confusion of detail occurred with the example to hand. It is badged as a GLS, an additional Sapphire model that arrived in February 1990, and while the bumpers are finished in black (They adopted body colour bumpers from October 1991), the wheels depict the ten spoke pattern from the 1991/92 LX.

From Portugal came the Vitesse version of the 2.0i Ghia but this is basically the same as the Schabak. However, unlike that it is finished with the post-October 1991 body coloured bumpers , and it has sports wheels rather than the correct Ghia pattern, no doubt inherited from the many competition versions of the the VItesse Sapphire, likewise the rear mounted spoiler. It also repeats the incorrect front end for a Sapphire.

Are all these careless faults made to save money or out of laziness to properly research the car being modelled?


Vanguards 1:43 diecast 9900
Vitesse 1:43 from Portugal 716
Schabak 1:43 from Germany 1080
Schabak 1:25 diecast from Germany 1511 Right Hand Drive
Schabak 1:25 diecast from Germany 1510 Left Hand Drive
Ford Key Ring 1:92