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Big enough to catch the eye!

By Maz Woolley

All text by, and copyright of the Author. Photographs from Manufacturers and Wholesalers.

There has been a decided trend towards the production of more 1:18 scale models so I suppose that I should not be surprised to see a 1:18 scale Scania tractor unit announced by a company called Road Kings. This is of a 1976 Scania LBT 141 operated by ASG and painted in its famous blue and yellow livery. This model is due to be released this month (November 2018).

Such units were operated on long Trans-International routes so the left hand drive is correct as are large tanks for fuel.

Photographs of the model show an  extremely impressive level of detail which is good as at this scale every fault would be noticeable. I don’t know whether any trailers will be released to accompany this model but if they are the whole outfit would make an amazing display.

Tekno have made a similar Scania in 1:50 scale but I am sure that collectors of ASG models may well be tempted to buy this model even if they already have the Tekno.

Looking at web pictures of the real Scania 141 in this livery the model seems to be well executed catching the original well. The pristine paint seems a bit bright, though I don’t think many buyers will weather the model which I think would actually improve the looks if done well.

From the rear the chassis components seems well modelled as do the wheels and all the tanks.

A side on view certainly catches the no nonsense square lines of the original Scania.

This view of the cab shows a lot of details moulded in or added as extra parts. The rear view mirror set is particularly impressive. In 1:18 scale the plastic bars holding the mirrors can be robust and in scale!


A final look at the front view as seen in rear mirrors! The grille slates seem to be very well moulded and defined.

A final note is that the model seems to be no more expensive than many mid-range 1:18 model cars so I suspect that this will be a popular model and I look forward to see what other trucks Road Kings bring out.

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