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The Ford in Miniature – P100 1987

By Dave Turner

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author unless otherwise stated.

The Ford P100 pickup was based upon the Cortina from its introduction in South Africa, in 1971. It was later also produced in Portugal. Along with the arrival of the Sapphire in 1987 came a new look P100 sporting a cab with a front-end from the Sierra with two doors and two seats. The vehicle had an extended chassis which allowed a back box of just under seven feet long to be fitted.

At least two models of the P100 have been recorded. Motor-Pro in the UK were featured in MAR 73, our printed predecessor, in the April/May edition from 1993. They announced a white metal model to be available as a kit or ready built model. It is difficult to determine whether the model in my office was an original ready built model or a kit build as it was bought secondhand. One would have hoped that a ready made model would have been better finished but that was not always the case in the 1990s. Sadly the mirrors were missing when I bought it, but at least the wheels are a close approximation of the factory fitted standard steel wheels.

A Portugese operation under the name Trapalhada issued a 1:35 scale P100. Appropriate that the home of the P100 should give us a model of one. However we might have expected it to be a bit more accurate – the front end is that of a Sierra Ghia when the P100 featured one from the Sapphire. In addition the proportions of the model are all over the place. The front end is a scale 7″ too long, the pickup box is 4″ too short, whilst the model is a scale 5″ too wide.

Known Models listing


Motor-Pro 1:45 White Metal from the UK
Trapalhada 1:35 Resin from Portugal

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