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News from the Continent 2/2018 – Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

Heer is acloser look at some of the models released by Herpa during the second half of 2017. These are all moulded in plastic to 1:87 scale.

745888 Main Soviet battle tank T34-85 “NVA”

The Soviet Second World War tank was used by the “National Peoples’ Army “ of the German Democratic Republic (DDR) during the first years after the country was founded by the Soviet government.

745796 Main Soviet battle tank T34/85 winter camouflage

The original that this model is based upon was used during the battle to lift the siege of the encircled  City of Leningrad in 1944.


038805 Audi A5 Coupe “Black Edition” – tango-red metallic


308137 Mercedes-Benz box-drawbar “DEUTRANS”

The series of Deutrans miniature models continues with this twin axle box truck with a Mercedes-Benz tractor unit pulling a typical trailer of its time with dual tyres. VEB Deutrans was the main haulier of the former DDR. Drivers were officers of the Stasi (secret service) with special training. Their trucks were running observation stations.


307925 MAN TGX XXL artic. curtain canvas truck “Haulier Wandt”

This is a brand new Tractor unit on this articlated lorry liveried with an advertisement for the Technical University of Brunswick. This truck with a MAN TGX XXL cab is operated by the Brunswick based forwarder Wandt. This was released by Herpa to fit in with the launch of the real lorry.


746083 IFA G5 Dumper “NVA”

During the early years of the “National Peoples’ Army” of the DDR the G5 6×6 trucks were the most common vehicles. Here Herpa have made it as a dumper with a movable mechanism. , fully movable, the hydraulic. The hydraulic lift for the dumper is included in the box.


928304 Audi A5 Cabriolet “Cars Club Model 2017

The black moulded A5 Cabriolet is the 2017 model of the year made only for members of the Herpa Modelcar Collectors Club.

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News from the Continent October/November 2018 – Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs are by, and copyright of, the Author.

Porsche Models to 1:43 scale

Three more Porsche cars to 1:43 scale are now available. These were officially launched in Spring 2016, but have only been available as Porsche promotional models till now.

071109  Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet

This version is in Indian red with a beige interior


071116  Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet

This version is in Carrara white metallic with a red interior


071062  Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet

Here painted a lustrous black paint with a beige interior.

The three Porsche miniatures are extremely accurate models with a high level of detailing and fault free paint finishes. A number of small parts are added and features like wheel rims and exhaust systems are accurate and finely modelled. The base plates are well detailed too.

Porsche set high standards for the models they sell as promotional items but still demand reasonable prices so Herpa has worked hard to produce these models to a high standard and competitive price.

Selection of recent 1:87 scale releases


093187  Audi A4 Avant “Police of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany”

The police in Rhineland-Palatinate don´t look only for criminals but also for new recruits. On this police car, the publicity material is incorporated in the livery with a pictures trying to persuade people to join the police. The model, has the four colour print on the rear wing as well as the eye-catching stripe decals in the rear.


306614  Volvo FH Gl. XL 6×2 refrigerated articulated box truck “Kinlochbervie GB”

Kinlochbervie is a small harbour village in the far North West of Scotland which is also the headquarters of the fisheries company featured on this model which have their own fleet of lorries. The cab features detailed printing as well as two headlight bars, one on the grill, and the other above the sun visor.


093224  Volkswagen Passat Variant “Zoll”

Customs in Germany still operates white vehicles with green area markings just like the Passat model from Herpa. The model features an authentic printed livery and a Hänsch DBS 4000 light bar.


307864  Mercedes-Benz Actros Bigspace Eurocombi “DB Schenker”

Deutsche Bahn – Schenker operates a new long truck. The Mercedes-Benz Actros Bigspace truck is loaded with a DB-Schenker swap container and pulls a five axle box trailer.

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News from the Continent September/October 2017 – Herpa.

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs are by, and copyright of, the Author.

Here are some thoughts on two releases Herpa made in July 2017. These are moulded in plastic to 1:87 in Germany.

307574 IFA G5 Dumper – orange

After the recent fire brigade version, the IFA G5 is now released as a bright yellow dumper. This vehicle was developed for the National Peoples Army of the former DDR and the 6×6 G5 was also used for civil purposes, especially when The Warsaw Pact forces standardised on Soviet trucks. The new  tipper has working action as shown in the photographs below where it can be seen next to the earlier dark orange and Military versions from the DDR Modelcars range.

700665 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 13 double-cab with flat bed and Tilt German Army – “Bundeswehr”.

It seems hard to believe but today German Army vehicles can be seen painted in white or silver in use on the roads. This approach is designed to make it easier to sell secondhand vehicles in these colours, rather than the traditional matt green, when the army no longer want them.

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News from the Continent – Herpa June/July 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Photographs are by, and copyright of the Author.

In this post I take a look at a selection of models released by Herpa between January and July 2017 with comments on each release.

1:43 Scale

The models are diecast for Herpa.

Herpa’s new Porsche models were first announced earlier this year but were only recently released to collectors. Perhaps Porsche took all the first batch of models and Herpa had to make a further batch for its own collectors.  As these models are also sold in Porsche boxes the quality of these models has to be right.


071086 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe racing yellow

The body shape is faithful to the original and the paint is fault free and captures Porsche racing yellow very well.  A number of small parts are separately inserted to give a good level of detail. The interior is black: dashboard, steering wheel and centre console capture the full size cars features very well.  At the rear end the two exhaust pipes are finished in chrome. The baseplate is quite well detailed. Through the finely cast “alloy” wheel rims the brake discs and calipers are clearly visible.


071093 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe dark blue metallic

The model is made to the same quality as the yellow version. The body is well painted in dark blue metallic. The interior is in medium brown. All other features are to the same standard as the yellow car.

Take a look at the photograph below showing the fine detail at the rear of the car including the printed lettering, exhausts and the finely etched panel lines and the well integrated lights.


1:87 Scale Models

Here are descriptions of some of the 1:87 models made in plastic.

In January Herpa announced the following Military items. We can now look at them in more detail.

745673 Soviet Tank T34/85

This model is based upon a tank captured by the German Wehrmacht and then marked with German Army markings. It was used 1945 in the battle for East Prussia. Much detail is moulded into the body but the tanks tracks and wheels are nicely captured.


745697 Opel Blitz Tanker

The original for this well detailed miniature was used by the German Wehrmacht in 1944 in Belgium. It is fitted with the metal pre-war drivers cab and not the wartime utility one.


Moving on to civilian vehicles released recently we have three to look at including a set with a trailer.

028790 Trabant 601 Universal with roof rack and Quek Junior Caravan

The citizens of the DDR went on holidays just like the citizens of the Federal Republic on the other side of the border. Loading their Trabants and Wartburgs with goods and people and towing a small caravan many headed to the coastline of the Baltic sea, Hungarian Lakes, or Polish Mountains.  The journey must have been slow with the 900 cc two stroke engine struggling gamely up any uphill stretches.

Here Herpa give us their 601 Universal again with a  roof rack and luggage as well as a tow hook. They also give us a Quek Junior Caravan which was made in the DDR and had a lifting roof section which is suggested by the moulding on the roof of the model. This caravan was fitted with overrun brakes which must have been essential to allow the lightweight Trabants and Wartburgs to tow the caravan downhill.

093033 BMW X1 “Bavarian Police”

In September 2016, the Bavarian Police too, officially adopted blue colour-sections on their vehicles. To achieve the complicated multi-colour markings the model has to be printed several times.


038423-003 Volkswagen Passat Variant (estate)

The Variant is the most popular body type of the Passat range in Germany.  Herpa has now released it with a body moulded in deep black and fitted with a contrasting light grey moulded interior. The silver fittings are neatly printed on, except for the grille which is silver plated. The model has some parts moulded separately and then inserted to add detail.

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News from the Continent – Herpa June 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs are by the Author, except where otherwise acknowledged.

Here is a selection of models from releases made by Herpa between January and May 2017.  All are to 1:87 scale except where otherwise stated.

1:43 Scale

The Porsche 911 miniatures announced in 2016 have now arrived on the general market. The three 911 models shown below are also sold in Porsche shops which perhaps explains why the quality and finish is first class. These are all to 1:43 scale.

071024/071031 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet 991 II

The Cabriolet is modelled open with the body painted a choice of racing yellow or deep metallic black. The accurate body shape is complemented by the fault free paint. The Porsche emblem on the bonnet is a small insert as are many other details.

Lettering below the engine cover are exact replicas of the real car and are printed in silver. The Interior has a detailed dashboard and steering wheel, as well as a well moulded centre console, seats and door cards. All in all this gives an excellent impression of the real car. The 5 star alloy wheels are well moulded and reveal the excellent brake discs and calipers. A fairly detailed baseplate is fitted and the exhaust system is executed well and includes the two chromed end pipes.


070980/070997 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet 991 II

The Cabriolet in “S” version has a more powerful engine. This is also modelled open. This time in a white or metallic sapphire blue. The general level of finish is the same as the black and yellow Carrera models seen above. Note that the exhaust system is different on this model replicating the differences to be seen on the real cars.


071048/071055 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Here the body in available in white or metallic rhodium silver. The body is true to the prototype shape and immaculately painted. Many small separate parts are used for lights and other features. The interior is in a brownish red shade. Dashboard, steering wheel and centre console are excellent replicas  of the original car as are the seats.

At the rear end, the four exhaust pipes of the 4S show the correct features unique to this version of the Carrera. Again lovely replica alloy wheels reveal the neatly modelled brake discs and calipers.

1:87 scale models


745475 Ford FK 3000 Cologne lorry with flatbed and canvas cover “German Army”

The Cologne was produced by Ford between 1951 and 1955. The newly founded West-German Bundeswehr (Army) ordered a batch of them as basic transport. The accurately shaped miniature is not painted in the correct shade of matt olive green for the Bundeswehr, the accurate colour would be more of a Silk matt olive.


092760 Volkswagen T6 with trailer, loaded with Vespa motorscooter

For short inner city work the Brunswick based haulier Wandt had a restored Vespa painted in the shade of green used in its livery. This Vespa will be released as part of the one-off set with a Volkswagen T6 box body van and trailer also in Wandt livery.


Copyright in the image above belongs to

306713 Volvo FH Gl. XL Eurocombi “Ristimaa Apache”

As can be seen from the photographs above Herpa has re-created this flamboyant show truck faithfully. Juha Ristimaas create custom trucks to the highest standard. This impressive “Giga-Liner” is in the livery of Kuljetus Ristimaa a Finish Haulier. It was first displayed at the annual trucking event “Power Truck Show 2016” in Alaharma, Finland. The four axle Volvo FH16 650 pulls a five axle trailer.


307062 Scania 142 articulated concrete mixer

The classic Scania bonnetted trucks are always a highlight in the Herpa program. Here the model is of a 6×4 tractor with a day cab and trailer with a concrete mixer mounted on it. It adds to the Herpa construction models.


307024 Volvo FH16 Gl. XL Eurocombi “Tynjälä Oy” Finland

Another oversized drawbar outfit from Finland. Over 50 print processes were needed to reproduce the livery.


159173-006 Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace rigid tractor, traffic-yellow


158299-004 Mercedes-Benz Actros M 08 all wheel drive 3-axle rigid tractor

Power to all three axles for best traction. Cabin in white which allows modellers to apply their own decals.


307161 Iveco with Interchargable Boxes and drawbar trailer “Deutrans”

In the end of the 1980s, the German Democratic Republic haulier Deutrans simplified its truck design and sent their trucks on the road in white with blue and orange stripes. The carefully selected drivers of all vehicles carrying traffic to the West had to prove a certain loyalty to the party line and fulfilled spying orders during their tours.


307352 Volvo FH Gi Lowliner curtain canvas articulated truck “Willi Betz”

The haulage group Willi Betz operates multiple companies across Europe serving many customers and has an annual turnover of around 250 million Euros a year.

The founder Willi Betz recently escaped jail due to a serious illness after a lawsuit was taken against the family for bribery, social security fraud and tax evasion. His son was not so lucky and had to pay a 2.1 Million Euros fine and must go into prison for five years.

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News from the Continent – Herpa to April 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


This post describes a selection from the models released by Herpa between November 2016 and April 2017.  All are to 1:87 scale and moulded in plastic by Herpa of Germany.


092708 Framo 901/2 Pick up “VEB Dairy Hainichen”

Created in 1962, the dairy cooperative Hainichen was a nationalised company in the GDR. It became a subsidiary of the Allgäu-based Ehrmann and Käserei Champion Hofmeister after fall of the wall.

092715 AWZ P70 Kombi “VEB Dairy Hainichen”

The tiny AWZ estate car was used for carrying small deliveries and courier trips. It was painted in same colour and is liveried in the same way as the Framo.

306638 Büssing 8000 drawbar “Haulier Gebr. Kamphuis”

One of the few remaining Büssing 8000s with full box bodywork. It is exhibited at many vintage vehicle events in the Netherlands. The drawbar trailer as also superbly restored and is honoured by this special edition Herpa model.

306485 Volvo FH Gl. XL articulated lorry with canvas curtains. “Coulthard, GB”

The name Coulthard is a familiar one on Formula One circuits. Here it is emblazoned on a Volvo run by the family of the ex-racing driver David Coulthard. They are involved in the road transport business at quite a different level!

745598 Opel 3000 S Tanker fighter squadron 2 Richthofen

This vehicle entered service towards the end of the Second World War. With materials being scarce the cab is made out of plywood and the tank is of simple welded construction.

745604 Opel Blitz 3000 Tanker of the III Fighter Squadron 27

In contrast to the previous model this is a tanker from early in the Second World War. Although both are built on the same Opel Blitz chassis here we have one with a steel cab and a more sophisticated tank arrangement to the rear.

745659 Soviet tank T34/76 WW II Battle in Poland 1944

The T34 was an outstanding middle weight tank . Here it has “For our home country” painted on. The model is well detailed and finished.

092852 Trabant 1.1 Universal “German Red Cross” Zwickau

More than 20 years after Trabant production finished in Zwickau, this Trabi estate car is still in operation for the German Red Cross in Zwickau.

028776/038775 Mercedes-Benz S-Class V12 (W140) black/champagne metallic

In 1991, Mercedes-Benz presented the new S-class, which is still nicknamed the “armoured car” today. To kick off the series, Herpa released the model again and offers the classic as a limited edition.

Opel Kapitan 1959 saloon crème white

The version of the pleasingly designed large saloon car from Opel sold the largest number of any of the cars that bore the name “Kapitan”.

151726-006 Scania normal control articulated tractor unit 6×4 – orange

There are still a number of traditional customers who like to buy tractor units  with a bonnet, so Scania keeps this version as modelled by Herpa in their program.

306904 MAN TGX XLX articulated canvas cover truck “Wandt Washing Park”

The MAN TGX XLX tractor with an updated front end has already been added to Wandt´s fleet. The trailer decoration promotes their truck washing facilities which also cater for other’s vehicles as well as their own.

745772 Opel Blitz ambulance truck “German Wehrmacht near Moscow

Medical supplies were transported by the Army in trucks like this during the Second World War. It dates from early in the war, or was made pre-war, as is evidenced by the steel made driver’s cab. The decoration is as used during the attack on Moscow when the Germans got close enough to see the capital but never reached the inner area of the Soviet capital.

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News from the Continent January 2017 – Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Photographs are by the Author.

Here is a selection of the releases made by Herpa between October 2016 and January 2017.

092647 MAN TGS L Euro 6 roll-off dump with loading crane

This vehicle is used by the Wolfsburg fire brigade. It is an AB support unit from the city where Volkswagen are based. The vehicle is an extremely detailed representation of the prototype, especially the strikingly shaped warning decals.


028691/038690 Audi R8 Spyder vegas yellow / mythos black pearl effect

The Audi super sportscar enhances Herpa´s comprehensive sports car range. It is a new mould with some small inserted parts for extra detailing.


092661 Audi Q5 ELW “Works Fire Brigade Salzgitter”

The Audi SUV has recently been added to the fleet of the Salzgitter Steel Works.

The detailed miniature is striking painted in daylight red, with an authentic printed livery. Again several small parts are attached to provide a high level of detail.


306522 Scania Bonnet articulated tractor unit “Grohganz”

The Franconian company Monika Grohganz from Heroldbach operates this Scania bonnet Topline tractor as part of their fleet. It is mainly used as a tractor unit for container trailers are pulled.

Good detail printing and small extra parts are used to good effect.


102001 Audi R8 V10 plus Safety Car “24h of Nurburgring”

The Audi R8 was used as safety car at the Nurburgring during the 24 hours races.

This captures the shape of the original well and has excellent printing to provide the detailed livery. Small added parts add to the details on the model which comes in  a showcase.


306706 Scania CS20 articulated tractor unit, blue

The vehicle is detailed very true to original, some parts were separate inserted.

In comparison with 306522 it is quite interesting to see the difference in size and shape between bonnet- and can forward version of Scania tractors.


926478 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe

Herpa Car Club Model of the year, moulded in black with high gloss wheel rims, it comes in a show case. This issue is only available for members of the Herpa Car Club.

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News from the Continent Oct/Nov 2016 – Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here is a selection from the releases issued in September and October 2016. Photographs are by the Author and all models are to 1:87 scale.

028660/038669 Audi A5 Coupe in brilliant black or Misano red pearleffect

This is the latest model. Audi has cosmetically revised the A5 especially around the headlights, and with some minor changes to the rear. This is an all new mould based upon data supplied by Audi.

092678 Wartburg 353 saloon 1966 “Interflug”

The former DDR airline, Interflug, has reached ‘cult status’ today. The Model is based upon original photographs of a Wartburg airport service saloon.

306164 Volvo FH Gl. XL 6×2 articulated refrigerated box truck “H.E.Payne, GB”

This freight company is a heavy user of Scania and Volvo trucks. It also retains and shows some older trucks too. This vehicle is used for European trips and contrary to the majority of the fleet it features a white driver´s cab instead of the usual green one.

306201 Volvo FH Gl XL articulated cattle carrier VAEX, the Netherlands

This Dutch company specialises in transporting pigs. Alongside the transport business the company also offers trucks for rent.  The fleet is mainly based upon Volvo and Scania tractor units and many have top lights fitted as has been done on this model.

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News from the Continent Aug/Sep 2016 – Herpa and Busch

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Herpa Releases


Here area selection of new releases from Herpa for the final quarter of 2016. All are moulded in plastic to 1:87 scale by Herpa of Germany.


028677/038676 Audi Q2 Ibiswhite/arblue metallic

The model is a good rendition of the original shape. The Q2 was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. Prior to the release, Herpa had already developed the model of the little Audi SUV in co-operation with Audi.


024549-004 Alfa Romeo Alfasud saloon – signal green

Tales of the rust problems with this car are legion. The cars were manufactured in the south of Italy in a new factory and did not reach the same standards a the cars made in the traditional northern factories. Rust was common as were other issues. The author knows of a case where the window of the rear door felt down into the door with all fittings whilst driving in the city.

The two-door car is accurately shaped and details are printed in silver.

Ed – this looks like a re-use of the mould originally used in the budget priced Herpa Magic series several years ago. Surely Herpa could have improved it with separate light lenses and other detailing to justify its re-release.


092579 Framo 901/2 light truck with beer crates

For the 500th anniversary of the German beer purity law this Framo was released loaded with 15 beer crates on the platform. The load is enclosed for individual placement.


306010 Scania R 13 TL refrigerated artic. box-truck “Jens Bode”

The vehicles of Haulier Jens Bode are well known. Their technical unit continuously develops new designs and uses them for their own vehicles.


745550 Soviet Tank T 34-76 Leningrad 1943/1944

This was the type of tank the Soviet Army was equipped with when it fought the German Wehrmacht and broke the ring of besieging forces around Leningrad. Since the fall of the Soviet Union Leningrad is again known as St. Petersburg.


092609 Volkswagen Passat Variant (estate) “Austrian Polizei”

In Austria the Police force uses the current Volkswagen Passat as a patrol or staff car.  Herpa have made the silver painted model with an authentic livery as a special one-off edition.

Busch Releases September 2016


All the models shown are moulded to 1:87 scale in plastic by Busch of Germany unless otherwise stated.


40605 Tempo Threewheeler Hanseat “Alpirsbacher”

The logo with a laughting monk with a beer mug in his hand is well known in Germany.  The tiny Tempo transporter was used by the Benedictine monks for the distribution of their beer brewed in their Monastery


59905 Threshing machine “Ködel & Böhm”

This machine dates back to 1911. Laser-cut pieces of wood are used to form this model.


59939 Fire Brigade ladder trailer AHL12


59940 Wooden house trailer “Tiny House”


60100 Threshing machine Lanz in scale 1:43

Based on an original machine made in 1911 which can be seen  on display in the open-air-museum in Vogtland.

18834-busch-5990659906 Vintage threshing machine

This old machinery is a new mould.

Busch Aircraft models



25060 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G2 German aircraft 

This  109 “Gustav” is shown as flown by  German Ace Günther Rall




95020 HW 80 SHA (Heavy chaff body) “LPG Golden ear of corn”


95139 IFA W50 LA 2SK (Two way tipper) LPG Aschersleben


95155 IFA W50L FP Flat bed with long-distance-driver cabin “Iraq”

During the 1980’s these specially built trucks were exported to Iraq for use as a driving school vehicle.

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News from the Continent June/July 2016 – Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here is a selection of releases from the first half of 2016

BMW M4 Coupe M Design (4)

071246 BMW M4 Coupe “M-Design”

The miniature is accurately shaped. The body is painted in white with the striking BMW M-stripes and the typical, finely cast wheels. The detailed brake shoes and carbon roof show the high standard of finish.

Bonnet and boot can be opened, a detailed engine is fitted and a well detailed baseplate.

Wartburg 353 NVA (2)

092487 Wartburg 353 1985 “NVA”

Chlorbuna was the name of the typical matt green of vehicles used by the National Peoples Army of the former GDR. The model appears in this colour fitted with authentic lightbar on the roof and the National emblems on the front doors.

Scania R 09 6x2 Tractor (1)

110792 Scania R´09 6×2 rigid tractor “Coles and Sons”

Images of Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe adorn the new Scania R topline rigid tractor of the freight handler Coles and Sons from Great Britain. The blue Scania is equipped with a light box and is released in a high-quality showcase box.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2013 (2)

092531 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2013 Bus with high roof “Postbus”

As well as using coaches for long-distance lines the brand “Postbus” operates this new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for local traffic.

Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace (1)

306003 Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace artic. box-truck “Brian Yardley GB”

Another promotional model for Brian Yardley. This time a Mercedes-Benz Actros lowliner with a box trailer used for events haulage. This follows an earlier Volvo for the same firm.

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