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Gama Mercedes-Benz 300TD

By Frank Koh

This old diecast Mercedes-Benz 300TD diesel wagon was introduced by Gama in the late 1970s. From the 50s thru the very early 90s, this West German toy company established by George Adam Mangold produced some very interesting miniatures from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Opel, Audi/NSU, Volkswagen, and even an occasional non-German marque. Gama was even commissioned by the German auto manufacturers to produce some official dealer promotional models, mostly in diecast metal, but a few Gama cars were made in plastic and were battery-operated or friction-powered.

Personal favorites of mine from the Gama line included the Mercedes-Benz and Opel vehicles. In the late eighties and early nineties, many European manufacturers were hit hard by globalization, and Gama was one of the better known casualties. I miss this brand.

Like the real W123 series Mercedes-Benz station wagon, this 1:26-ish scale diecast model is built to last. The real 300TD was manufactured from 1978-85, so perhaps Gama stopped producing this one as well around 1985.   It is also the first factory-built Mercedes-Benz station wagon of modern times!

This Gama is all-metal construction, including a heavy chassis plate, resulted in a little car that can become a deadly weapon in the wrong hands.

In the quarter of a century that I have owned it, I have taken great care to avoid having this exceptionally heavy miniature roll off the table and land on my foot. Truth be told, they really don’t make model vehicles the way they used too.

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Opel Dealership Colour Samples

By Fabrizio Panico

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author unless otherwise stated.

Editor: Manufacturers have from time to time worked with a model car maker to have samples available for the launch of the car. In a few cases they have even been painted in colours available on the soon to be launched vehicle. One well known example of this was the Dinky Triumph Herald which was painted in many real colours and supplied directly to Standard Triumph. Examples of these are now rare and expensive.  Fabrizio shows us a more recent example of a similar tie-up. 

Here are some photographs of a set of cars that I found this morning. It is a set consisting of ten 1:43 scale Opel Vectras. These  were made by GAMA in ten different colours. The set was made to distribute to Opel dealers to allow them to to show the colours available on this car. Note how the colour names are all printed on the box in front of each car.

The models are of the original Opel Vectra A sold from  1988. All the model are of the notchback version. GAMA also sold this model in their own range and also made the hatchback version too. The moulds for this model made their way to Bulgaria and new in box examples as currently available on eBay.

This dealer set is in excellent condition and makes a very nice display.

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