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Classic Metal Works 1960 Ford Pickup

By Maz Woolley

CMW Ford Pickup 1960
CMW Ford Pickup 1960

The Classic Metal Works model shown here is made in plastic to 1:87 scale in China for the US.”

The 1960 Ford F series pickup was an exercise in playing catch up by Ford. Competitors had already introduced modern rivals and Ford responded by producing a full width cab unit with a clamshell bonnet for its third generation F series. The CMW model represents a “StyleSide”¬† in the very fetching two tone red and white paint.

Although the model is well detailed including mirrors to add yourself the paint masking is not as good as it could be and the wheel rims are not cleanly moulded in some cases. The badging is nicely printed and the grille well moulded, though it really needs a black wash.

CMW only produce a limited number of models a year and are one of the few producing US prototypes to this popular “railroad” scale so they will sell well. However, I feel that as a premium priced product they need to offer more fine detail since they are lagging behind European 1:87 producers premium products in the scale.

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