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News from the Continent October/November 2017 – Busch

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs supplied by, and copyright of, Busch.

The listing below covers the Busch group of companies releases from November 2017. All are plastic models made to 1:87 scale.

Busch Models


40927  DKW 3=6 delivery van


42223  Multicar with turnable ladder


42715  Volkswagen Beetle with split window – grey


42734  Volkswagen Beetle with split window and roof rack


46169  Smart City coupe with snow plough


46867  Mercedes-Benz W123 “German Post”


46869  Mercedes-Benz W123 “Soviet Police Militia”


48030  Citroen DS19 saloon – red


48032  Citroen DS19 saloon – black
48037  Citroen DS19 – yellow
50558  Lada 1600 – blue with black roof
51209  Framo V901/2 box van – “Peoples Police”
51274  Framo V901/2 half-bus “Peoples Police”
51306  Belarus 800V tractor, Uniost GmbH.
51309  Belarus MTS 82 with snow plough
51504  IFA G5 1959 with snow plough
51505  IFA G5 1960 – wine red
51603  Robur LO 1800 A “City of Schwedt Fire Brigade”
51652  Robur LO 1801 A – VEB SK Water Authority”
59945  Trailer with water-tank and zinc tub

DreiKa Automodels

94021  Goliath Express 1100 Delivery van “Goliath Service”
94034  Goliath Express 1100 delivery van “The modern fast              delivery van”


94123  Goliath Express 1100 Combi “Fire brigade”
94124  Goliath Express 1100 Combi “Ambulance”
94126  Goliath Express 1100 Combi “THW multi-purpose vehicle”
94131  Goliath Express 1100 Combi “The car that makes you happy”

EsPeWe Models

95024  HW80 trailer, grey, red chassis
95025  HW80 SHA trailer, grey, red chassis

Mehlhose models

210006404  Tractor Pioneer, grey with red wheel rims
210006601  Dumper Picco 1 – red with grey wheel rims
210007000 Tractor Famulus with trailer, green


210010008  E-Karre Balkancar, blue
210010116  Tractor Famulus – red/grey with grey wheel rims

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News from the Continent August/September 2017 – Busch

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Manufacturer.

The releases from Busch, and allied brands, expected by the end of September are shown below. All models are moulded for Germany to 1:87 scale.

Mercedes-Benz 170V

The pleasing shaped 170V was first presented to the public in February 1936 during the 26th International Automobile and Motorcycle Exhibition (IAMA) in Berlin.

41448 Mercedes-Benz 170V Cabrio limousine – two-tone green/cream
41450 Mercedes-Benz 170V Cabrio limousine – two-tone red/cream


Cadillac 66 Saloon

42958 Cadillac 66 Saloon “Metallica” – silver
42960 Cadillac 66 saloon “Metallica” – blue metallic


Toyota Land Cruiser Crawler

43038 Toyota Land Cruiser crawler vehicle

This special power train has been in use for 15 years and has even passed strict military tests.

Mercedes-Benz 300 Landaulet

44807 Mercedes-Benz 300 State Landaulet

Only three of this type of body were built. This was in the early 1950s and they users were the German Federal Public for state occasions, the Pope for his tours, and an Arab State.

Chevrolet Bel Air

More variations upon the old Revell-Monogram 1957 Chevy moulding bought by Busch.

45045 Chevrolet Bel Air Saloon 1957 “Metallica” – grey metallic
Chevrolet Bel Air Saloon 1957 “Metallica” – red metallic


Cadillac Eldorado

Another long running moulding in the Busch range. Here with custom wheels and a metallic paint job.

45118 Cadillac Eldorado Cabriolet, open, “Metallica” – brown metallic
45119 Cadillac Eldorado Cabrioet, open, “Metallica” – green metallic
45121 Cadillac Eldorado Cabriolet, open, “Metallica” – silver


Ford Probe

The Ford Probe 24V was made from Summer 1988 to Autumn 1997 in Flat Rock, Michigan, USA. It was imported into Europe too though it was never a strong seller.

47413 Ford Probe 24V “Metallica” silver
47414 Ford Probe 24V “Metallica” red
47420 Ford Probe 24V “Sport” blue


Mercedes-Benz M-Class

In the livery of the German motor rescue outfit.


48546 Mercedes-Benz M-Class facelift “ADAC”

Land Rover Defender

50361 Land Rover Defender “Carabinieri”

Caribinieri are a special Police Force unit in Italy.


50363 Land Rover defender “DLRG” with surfboard

This vehicle is equipped for rescue activities. The Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e.V. (DLRG)  is the German Life Saving Group and is the biggest such organisation in the world.

Smart Fortwo

50712 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2014 “German Police”

Mercedes-Benz V and G Class

Many public services represented here. From the Fire Brigade to the Emergency Doctor Service and the Technical Assistance Service.

51169 Mercedes-Benz V-Class “Fire Brigade of Karlstein
51411 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 1990 Emergency Doctor
51460 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2008 THW

EsPeWe IFA W50

95231 IFA W50LA TLF16 GMK “Fire brigade of Ellrich

The TLF16 appliance went into production in 1985 based upon the 4×4 chassis of the IFA W50.

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News from the Continent – Busch June/July 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs supplied by Busch.

All models are made to 1:87 scale in plastic unless otherwise stated.

June 2017 Releases

1:87 Scale


42222 Multicar with snow plough and salt spreading device

45912 MG Midget TC Cabriolet – closed – blue

45913 MG Midget TC Cabriolet – closed – green

48292 Chevrolet Pick up – Monster truck “Firestorm”

48293 Chevrolet Pick up – “Merz & Pilini Event management Showcar”

50359 Land Rover Defender “Gendarmerie”

50404 Fortschritt ZT 323 (Progress) Tractor with long timber trailer

51113 Mercedes-Benz Vito Police of Berlin

51116 Mercedes-Benz Vito German Zoll
1:32 Scale


60120 Threshing machine “Lanz” from 1911

This model is assembled from laser-cut wooden parts

EsPeWe Models to 1:87 scale


95228 IFA W50 LA TLF 16 tank-fire engine from Poland

The TLF was manufactured in 1969 in “Feuerlöschgerätewerk Luckenwalde” within the former DDR. The 4×4 fire engine saw service in the Polish town of Wolcztyn.

Busch Releases July 2017

1:87 Scale


41920 Citroen HY “´s Ochsestuebel” –Alsacian restaurant in Obenheim, France

42955 Cadillac 66 saloon – light brown

43917 Volvo 544 “Politi” – Norwegian Police

45031 Chevrolet Bel Air Cabriolet 1957 – open – pale pink

46711 Volkswagen HebmüllerCabriolet 1949 – open hood – black

46866 Mercedes-Benz W123 saloon – red with white roof

47702 Ford Model AA “Nostalgia”

48236 Chevrolet Pick-up “Black distillery”

51500 IFA G5 6×6 truck of the DDR peoples police and army

This model is a new mould from Busch which is likely to be seen in all sorts of liveries in the future.

59911 Kramer K12 Tractor with 14 hp 1 cylinder Diesel engine

59913 horse-drawn “ Field-smithy” 1857

41919 Citroen HY “Sapeurs Pompiers” – French fire brigade

42617 Ferrari 250 GTO silver – #25 – 1963 Le Mans 24 hours

44657 Dodge Ram Van – Monster truck “Stars and Stripes”

45038 Chevrolet Bel Air Cabriolet 1957 – closed – red

45038 Volkswagen Hebmüller Cabriolet 1949 – closed hood – black

48237 Chevrolet Pick up “Ranch truck”

50715 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2014 “New York Police Department”

51020 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5023 Military – sand coloured

51115 Mercedes-Benz Vito Ambulance – Euroyellow ambulance car of Millich Rescue Service GmbH – a district of Rostock

DreiKa Automodelle


94100 Goliath Express 1100 Kombi – light blue

94101 Goliath Express 1100 Kombi – red

94102 Goliath Express 1100 Kombi – grey

94120 Goliath Express Kombi “Edition Goliath Werk”




95531 IFA L60 ETK (box truck) Fortschritt (Progress) Sparts Parts Service

95229 IFA W50LA SHA chaff body

Mehlhose Modelcars


210009100 Horsedrawn vehicle – green, grey wheel rims

210009401 Long timber trailer for E-Karre – green/grey with grey wheel rims

210010112 Famulus Tractor – green/grey with red wheel rims

Originally launched as Favorit’s in 1957 they were renamed Famulus in 1958. These tractors were manufactured between 1957 and 1967 in VEB’s Nordhausen plant. They were available in multiple versions powered by two cylinder air or water cooled engines or as three cylinder diesels.

210010118 Tractor Famulus – green with red wheel rims

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News from the Continent – Busch June 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Photographs provided by the Manufacturer

Recent releases from Busch and its associated companies in May 2017 are shown below. All are plastic models to 1:87 scale unless otherwise stated.


40705 Mercedes-Benz LP809 Mobile First-Aid Station

41847 Ford E-350 Wyoming rescue vehicle no. 7 “Moose”

41848 Ford E-350 Wyoming rescue vehicle no.8 “Bison”

41849 Ford E-350 Wyoming rescue vehicle no.9 “Mountain-Lion”

47847 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “BP” (British Petroleum)

50610 Mercedes-Benz Citan delivery van “Medic one” (Blood and organ- transport)

50921 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U430 tracked “Road service”

51171 Mercedes-Benz V-Class “Police of Baden-Württemberg”

51207 Framo V901/2 box van “Golden Ear of Corn”

51208 Framo V901/2 box van “Beer transporter”

51252 Framo V901/2 Bus

51255 Framo V901/2 DDR Ambulance

51271 Framo V901/2 Half-bus “DDR Konsum” new mould

51272 Framo V901/2 half-bus “Mitropa” – already sold out !

59912 Irus Universal single-axle U300K with mount-trailer

59942 Small trailer for passenger cars

EsPeWe Models in 1:87 scale


95015 HW 80.11 agricultural trailer – grey

95165 IFA W50L BTP “DDR Post building group transporter”

Mehlhose Modelcars in 1:87 scale

210007600 Trailer for Multicar transporter “MINOL”

210008100 Multicar M21 transporter with trailer “Coal merchant”

210008500 Multicar M21 transporter “MINOL”

210010202 Agricultural trailer T4 with load, green with grey wheel rims

DreiKa Automodelle in 1:87 scale

DreiKa started production some years ago, disappeared and have been revived. Models now will be distributed by Busch

The Goliath van was produced by the Goliath company, a member of the Borgward Group

94000 Goliath Express 1100 box van – light blue

94001 Goliath Express 1100 box van – wine red

94002 Goliath Express 1100 box van – light green

94020 Goliath Express 1100 box van “Edition Goliath Werke”

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News from the Continent – Busch Group March 2017

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


This post shows photographs of the Busch releases due in March 2017, this includes EsPeWe and Mehlhose models produced by Busch. All models are moulded in plastic and to 1:87 scale unless otherwise stated.

40282 EMW 327 Cabriolet CMD-Collection – red

40284 EMW 327 Cabriolet CMD-Collection – grey

40286 EMW 327 Cabriolet CMD-Collection – green

41845 Ford E-350 Ambulance Wyoming No.5 “Elk”

41846 Ford E-350 Ambulance Wyoming No.6 “Eagle”

42600 Ferrari 250 GTO – red

42602 Ferrari 250 GTO –yellow

45803 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia 1600 1961-1969 – blue

45805 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia 1600 1961-1969 – yellow

47127 Morgan Plus 8 Cabriolet – open – blue metallic

47144 Morgan Plus 8 Cabriolet – open – two-coloured yellow

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – white delivery van of haulier DB-Schenker

47849 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter DPD parcel service

47850 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “GLS” – General Logistics Service

47851 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter “DHL” van with yellow body and red text

48410 NSU 1000 TT – red

48414 NSU 1000 TT – turquoise

The NSU models are safe, many of the original cars caught fire whilst being driven due to faulty fuel hoses!

50082 Bautz Spyder BS4 hay-turner

The Bautz company is located in Saulgau, Baden-Württemberg

50418 Tractor Fortschritt (Progress) ZT 323 with heavy plough

50611 Mercedes-Benz Citan box van “German Red Cross”

50813 Hanomag AL28 flatbed with boat

50922 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U430 with branch cutter

51170 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Autobahn-Police Berlin

51302 Belarus MTS 82 tractor – exportversion – bi-coloured

51304 Belarus MTS 80 tractor with fixed headlights – red

51305 Belarus MTS 82 tractor with fixed headlights – red

The company “Minski Traktorny Sawod” was founded in Minsk in the Soviet Union on 29th May 1946 and it is still producing agricultural vehicles today in “White Russia”

51405 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 1990 – CMD-Collection – red–new mould

51456 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2008 – CMC-Collection – silver – new mould

Busch has had the G-class is in production since 1979 but it has now been extensively upgraded.

59941 THW ladder-trailer

Models to 1:43 Scale


60058 Piaggio Ape 50 Cross Country 

EsPeWe Models to 1:87 Scale


95022 HW 80 trailer, made since 1969 in VEB Kraftfahrzeug-Werk Ernst Grube Werdau

95226 IFA W50 LA WK ND tool shop box body „IFA-Service“

95227 IFA W50 LA WK ND tool shop box body

95532 IFA L 60 2SK (two sides tipper) “NVA” – weathered

Mehlhose Modelcars to 1:87 scale


210006301 Multicar M21 dumper – blue

210006301 Trailer T4 with bench – green/red

210009302 E-Karre Balkancar – grey

210010203 Trailer T4 – light brown, grey wheel rims

210010204 Trailer T4 – dark brown, grey wheel rims

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News from the Continent Oct/Nov 2016 – Busch, Espewe & Mehlhose

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


The releases for October and November 2016 are listed below with photographs supplied by the manufacturers. All models are to 1:87 scale unless otherwise stated.

October 2016


40004 Benz Patent motorcar 2Anniversary Model 130 years automobile history”


40211 BMW 327 Coupe – “Anniversary model 100 Years of BMW”


43037 Toyota Land Cruiser J4 / “Anniversary model 80 Years of Toyota”


40151 US-Motorcycle black


40155 US-Motorcycle green






40159 US-Motorcycle orange-metallic


40510 Mercedes-Benz 170S Cabriolet A 1949 – open – red


40513 Mercedes-Benz 170S Cabriolet A 1949 – open – green


40526 Mercedes-Benz 170S Cabriolet A 1949 – closed – blue


40528 Mercedes-Benz 170S Cabriolet A 1949 – closed – two-tone red


41841 Ford E-350 Wyoming Medical Center No. 1 “Cutthroat trout”


41842 Ford E-350 Wyoming Mecical Center No. 2 “Bears”


41843 Ford E-350 Wyoming Medical Center No. 3 “Antelope”


46811 Mercedes-Benz W123 T-Model “Service vehicle”


48493 Piaggio Ape 50 “Alpirsbacher Monastry Beer”


49975 Additional Set. Belts for stationary devices


50241 Robur LO2002 A “Civil defence with trailer”


51205 Framo V901/2 box van “Deutsche Post-ex DDR”



95147 IFA W50LA 3SK (Three sides tipper with haulier driver cabin)


95526 IFA L60SHA LPG Aschersleben

Mehlhose model cars


210004400 Tractor Famulus with mowbar , green with red rims


210009303 E-Karre, yellow with grey rims


210009502 Trailer for E-Karre, blue with grey rims


210009602 Multicar M21 three-sides-tipper, blue


210010115 Tractor Famulus, green with green rims and additional yellow rims

210010208 Trailer T4, green with green rims and additional yellow rims

Busch Releases November 2016


Opel Olympia saloon of German Wehrmacht in Winter camouflage 1941


41840 Ford E-350 “Raytown Ambulance”


41844 Ford E-350 Wyoming No. 4 “Bighorn sheep”


42301 Peugeot 403 “Fire brigade of Auvers Saint Georges, Dept. Essonne”


42902 Cadillac Station Wagon “Ambulance of Chicago”


42920 Cadillac Station Wagon “Hearse”


44019 Dodge Power Wagon – transporter loaded with boxes


45116 Cadillac Eldorado “Rodeo”


46009 American LaFrance artic. Fire brigade ladder truck


46213 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “N.Y.P.D. – New York Police Department.”


46865 Mercedes-Benz W123 Saloon with Winter sport equipment


48287 Chevrolet Pick up “Red Flame”


48491 Piaggio Ape 50 “All Nine” – advertising vehicle for a bowling alley”


49466 Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-model (estate) “German Taxi”


49467 Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-model “Police car service vehicle”


50230 Robur LO 2002 A “German Red Cross”


50238 Robur LO 2002 A in camouflage colours


51011 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5023 with steel load


51052 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5023 fire engine with Schlingmann body


51165 Mercedes-Benz V-Class “Emergency Doctor Munich airport”


51206 Framo V901/2 delivery van “Radeberger Beer”



95021 HW 80 HTS trailer for liquid manure transport


95138 IFA W50 LA 2SK (two-way tipper) 75.000th vehicle made on 2nd June 1971 fon the assembly line in Ludwigsfelde, in the former DDR.


95156 IFA W50L HP flat bed truck KVK Bautzen


95159 W50L BTP LF16 TS8 „10 Years ESPEWE Models“



80010 ZIS-5 Soviet army flatbed truck


80011 ZIS-5 Soviet army box truck


80030 Einheitsdiesel of German Wehrmacht with canvas cover


80031 Einheitsdiesel of german Wehrmacht without canvas cover

The diesel vehicles show above were a standard pattern truck of 2.5 tons adn they were made by many German truck makers such as:  MAN, Henschel, Büssing-NAG, Magirus, Borgward, Faun, Krupp, Mercedes-Benz and Vomag.


80081 L 3000 A Truck used by German Wehrmacht with load

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News from the Continent Aug/Sep 2016 – Herpa and Busch

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Herpa Releases


Here area selection of new releases from Herpa for the final quarter of 2016. All are moulded in plastic to 1:87 scale by Herpa of Germany.


028677/038676 Audi Q2 Ibiswhite/arblue metallic

The model is a good rendition of the original shape. The Q2 was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. Prior to the release, Herpa had already developed the model of the little Audi SUV in co-operation with Audi.


024549-004 Alfa Romeo Alfasud saloon – signal green

Tales of the rust problems with this car are legion. The cars were manufactured in the south of Italy in a new factory and did not reach the same standards a the cars made in the traditional northern factories. Rust was common as were other issues. The author knows of a case where the window of the rear door felt down into the door with all fittings whilst driving in the city.

The two-door car is accurately shaped and details are printed in silver.

Ed – this looks like a re-use of the mould originally used in the budget priced Herpa Magic series several years ago. Surely Herpa could have improved it with separate light lenses and other detailing to justify its re-release.


092579 Framo 901/2 light truck with beer crates

For the 500th anniversary of the German beer purity law this Framo was released loaded with 15 beer crates on the platform. The load is enclosed for individual placement.


306010 Scania R 13 TL refrigerated artic. box-truck “Jens Bode”

The vehicles of Haulier Jens Bode are well known. Their technical unit continuously develops new designs and uses them for their own vehicles.


745550 Soviet Tank T 34-76 Leningrad 1943/1944

This was the type of tank the Soviet Army was equipped with when it fought the German Wehrmacht and broke the ring of besieging forces around Leningrad. Since the fall of the Soviet Union Leningrad is again known as St. Petersburg.


092609 Volkswagen Passat Variant (estate) “Austrian Polizei”

In Austria the Police force uses the current Volkswagen Passat as a patrol or staff car.  Herpa have made the silver painted model with an authentic livery as a special one-off edition.

Busch Releases September 2016


All the models shown are moulded to 1:87 scale in plastic by Busch of Germany unless otherwise stated.


40605 Tempo Threewheeler Hanseat “Alpirsbacher”

The logo with a laughting monk with a beer mug in his hand is well known in Germany.  The tiny Tempo transporter was used by the Benedictine monks for the distribution of their beer brewed in their Monastery


59905 Threshing machine “Ködel & Böhm”

This machine dates back to 1911. Laser-cut pieces of wood are used to form this model.


59939 Fire Brigade ladder trailer AHL12


59940 Wooden house trailer “Tiny House”


60100 Threshing machine Lanz in scale 1:43

Based on an original machine made in 1911 which can be seen  on display in the open-air-museum in Vogtland.

18834-busch-5990659906 Vintage threshing machine

This old machinery is a new mould.

Busch Aircraft models



25060 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G2 German aircraft 

This  109 “Gustav” is shown as flown by  German Ace Günther Rall




95020 HW 80 SHA (Heavy chaff body) “LPG Golden ear of corn”


95139 IFA W50 LA 2SK (Two way tipper) LPG Aschersleben


95155 IFA W50L FP Flat bed with long-distance-driver cabin “Iraq”

During the 1980’s these specially built trucks were exported to Iraq for use as a driving school vehicle.

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News from the Continent June/July 2016 – Busch

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Listed below are the expected releases from Busch.

Releases June 2016

All are moulded in plastic to a scale of 1:87.

18674 Busch 4621446214 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Customs” black

18675 Busch 46215 46215 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Customs” white

18676 Busch 46216 46216 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Customs” silver metallic”

18677 Busch 4828948289 Chevrolet Pick up “ostrich farm”

18678 Busch 51112-0002 18679 Busch 51112-000451112 Mercedes-Benz Vito “Heavy duty transport guiding vehicle”

18680 Busch 5116451164 Mercedes-Benz Vito “Autobahn-Police”

18681 Busch 59906 59906 Threshing machine old timer (new mould)

Busch Aircraft models

18682 Busch 25014 25014 Messerschmitt Bf 109 F4/B German fighter-bomber


18683 Busch 9516195161 IFA W50L RTGW (Rescue equipment truck)

18684 Busch 9516395163 IFA W50L Sp (haulier pickup) ATB supply transports

18685 Busch 9552495524 IFA L60 DSK (three-way-tipper) Exhibition vehicle

Mehlhose Distribution also in scale 1:87:

18686 Busch Mehlhose 210009501210009501 Trailer/E-Karre – green with grey rims

18687 Busch Mehlhose 210009503210009503 Trailer/E-Karre – grey with grey rims

Busch Releases July 2016

All in scale 1:87 except one item

18688 Busch 4170841708 Pontiac Firebird TransAm – white

18689 Busch 4170941709 Pontiac Firebird TransAm – yellow

18690 Busch 4499544995 Agricultural trailer, loaded with apples

18691 Busch 4620846208 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Police”

18692 Busch 4621746217 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Flinkster”

18693 Busch 50233 with ladder50233 Robur LO 2002 A with raised hide

18694 Busch 5990759907 Lanz “Rubber-Bulldog” 1921

EsPeWe Models in scale 1:87


18695 Busch 95154 95154 IFA W50L FP pick up

With long-distance-lorry-driver-cabin “Driving school”

18696 Busch 9515895158 IFA W50L BTP LF16-TS8 Fire engine of voluntary fire brigades

18697 Busch 9522195221 IFA W50LA PV Flatbed re-inforced, sand-coloured

18698 Busch 9552895528 IFA L60 ETK Box truck “Deutsche Post” – green

Mehlhose Distribution

18699 Busch Mehlhose 210006603 210006603 Dumper Picco 1 three wheeler – grey with red rims

18700 Busch Mehlhose 210006604210006604 Dumper Picco 1 three wheeler – green with grey rims

18701 Busch Mehlhose 210006605210006605 Dumper Picco 1 three wheeler – blue with grey rims

This model of dumper was built between 1957 and 1964 in Brandis, Saxony. It was fitted with a one cylinder air cooled Diesel engine.

18702 Busch Mehlhose 210009601 210009601 Multicar M21 three way tipper – green

18703 Busch Mehlhose 210009603210009603 Multicar M21 three way tipper – grey

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News from the Continent – Busch and EsPeWe

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


The following models are moulded in plastic to 1:87 scale. All models shown should be available.

18488 Busch 4007040070 Kramer KL11 tractor with apple boxes

NB the box to hold the apple harvest is made from real Wood

18489 Busch 4201218490 Busch 4201318491 Busch 4201442012-14 .Opel Rekord C-Type saloon

18492 Busch 4221942219 Multicar with flat bed “Golden ear of corn”

18493 Busch 4286542865 Liquid manure tank trailer HTS 100.27 “Golden ear of corn”

18494 Busch 5041650416 Tractor Progress ZT320 “Golden ear of corn”

18495 Busch 4510245102 Cadillac Eldorado “Pink Flame” – Eyecatcher with white wall tyres

18496 Busch 47113 18497 Busch 47114 18498 Busch 4711547113-5 Morgan Plus 8 Cabriolet with closed hood

18499 Busch 4810248102 Volkswagen Passat “Road Maintenance”

18500 Busch 5101051010 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5023 “Road Maintenance”

18501 Busch 5022650226 Robur LO 2002 A “Safari”

18502 Busch 5081150811 Hanomag AL28 MKW “German Border Protection” (Predecessor of German Federal Police)

18503 Busch 5081250812 Hanomag AL28 MKW “on Tour”

18504 Busch 5116351163 Mercedes-Benz V-Class “Circus Roncalli”

The circus was founded in 1975 in Vienna by Bernhard Paul and Andre Heller and is still on tour 40 years later.

18505 Busch 5990359903 Slavia 12 HP Stationary engine from 1920 powered saws,  threshing machines and other agricultural equipment.

18506 Busch 59904 1 18507 Busch 59904 259904 Deutz Type MA511 Stationary engine from 1867 with wholemeal mill.

Distributed by Mehlhose

18508 Busch Mehlhose 210005600210005600 Tractor RS09 – red with yellow wheel rims

The tractor was manufactured between 1955 and 1964 in city of Schönebeck in the former DDR. It was fitted with a 2-cylinder air-cooled Diesel engine of 18 hp.

18509 Busch Mehlhose 210010206210010206 Trailer T4 – grey with grey wheel rims

18510 Busch Mehlhose 210010221210010221 Trailer T4 – green with grey wheel rims

This agricultural trailer was built in the former DDR between 1956 and 1966.

Busch Releases May 2016

All to 1:87 except where stated.

18511 Busch 4092440924 DKW 3=6 Pickup loaded with safe

18512 Busch 4366643666 Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-model (estate) “Flinkster” (Car sharing)

18513 Busch 4401844018 Dodge Power Wagon “California Parks” (Nature Reserve Service)

18514 Busch 4616846168 Smart Fortwo Cabriolet “Pink Lady”

18515 Busch 4620746207 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Motorcycle”

18516 Busch 4738947389 Peugeot Boxer Polizei – German Police

In the livery of Saarbrücken, capital of Federal German country Saarland.

18518 Busch 48489-218517 Busch 4848948489 Piaggio Ape 50 “Circus”

18519 Busch 4849048490 Piaggio Ape 50 “Cross Country”

18520 Busch 50358_hell50358 Land Rover Defender “Landy”

18522 Busch 50770 18525 Busch 50778 18524 Busch 50774 18523 Busch 5077350770/3/4/8 Smart Fortwo Cabriolet A453 “CMD-Collection”

18526 Busch 5101751017 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5023 “Military”

18527 Busch 51112-0002 18528 Busch 51112-000451112 Mercedes-Benz Vita Heavy Duty Transport Guiding Vehicle

18529 Busch 51250 18530 Busch 5125151250/1 Framo V901/2 Bus – NB new moulding

18531 Busch 5990859908 Lanz heavy fuel engine Bulldog tractor

Busch 1:43 scale Model

18532 Busch 6005760057 Piaggio Ape 50 with wooden box in pickup bed

EsPeWe Models in scale 1:87

18533 Busch 9515495154 IFA W50L FP pick up with long-distance-lorry-driver-cabin

“Driving school” vehicle

18534 Busch 9516195161 IFA W50L RTGW Rescue device carrier of voluntary fire brigades

18535 Busch 9516395163 IFA W50L Sp flatbed “ATB service transports”

18536 Busch 9552495524 IFA L60 DSK ND three-sides-tipper – The original was exhibited at the Leipzig Autumn Fair in 1989. A similar one is exhibited in the Transport Museum at Ludwigsfelde

Distributed by Mehlhose

18537 Busch Mehlhose 210005000210005000 Tractor RS09 with flat bed and mow bar – red

18538 Busch Mehlhose 210009200210009200 Trailer T4 with bench – green with grey wheel rims

18539 Busch Mehlhose 210009301210009301 E-Karre Balkanvcar three-sides-tipper – green

18540 Busch Mehlhose 210010002210010002 E-Karre Balkancar – red

18541 Busch Mehlhose 210010011210010011 E-Karre Balkancar – yellow

The E-Karre Balkancar was manufactured in Bulgaria in the years 1960 to 1980 and was quite common in the COMECON countries.

Busch Aircraft Models

Moulded to 1:87 scale

18542 Busch 2501725017 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G6 “Switzerland“

A model of a Swiss Patrol aircraft. The striking marking with national emblems was to make sure that the German made but Swiss operated aircraft  were not confused with machines from the German Luftwaffe.

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News from the Continent – Busch Q1 2016

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All models in Busch and Espewe ranges are moulded in plastic to 1:87 scale. Releases due in March 2016 are shown below.

18289 Busch 4006940060 Tractor Kramer KL11 with band saw device

18290 Busch 4092540925 DKW 3=6 Delivery Van “Electric”

The 3=6 were fitted with two-stroke-engines, but approximately. 100 vehicles were fitted with an electric engine – a novelty in the 1950s – one ran for many  years on the German island Wangerooge, where no vehicles with internal combustion engines are allowed. After an extensive restoration, this van is the  property of the Audi Oldtimer collection.

18291 Busch 4092640926 DKW 3=6 Delivery Van with roof rack, loaded with soap box racer

18292 Busch 41839 41839 Ford E-350 “St.Luke Ambulance N.Y.”

18293 Busch 42838

42838 Tractor “Progress ZT 300” – light green

18294 Busch 42864 42864 Liquid manure tank trailer HTS 100 “Red October”

18295 Busch 4381643816 Mercedes-Benz MK 94 1224 Fire Engine “Fire Service Warendorf”

18296 Busch 4427044270 Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model “POLITI”(Norwegian Police)

18297 Busch 45800 45800 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia 1600 Coupe – red

18298 Busch 45802 45802 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia 1600 Coupe – white

18299 Busch 4671046710 Volkswagen Hebmüller Cabriolet – open – red

18300 Busch 4671446714 Volkswagen Hebmüller Cabriolet – open – green

18301 Busch 4755847558 Ford Mustang Coupe  “Las Vegas”

18302 Busch 4848248482 Piaggio Ape 50 “German Red Cross”

18303 Busch 4848848488 Piaggio Ape 50 “>Technical service”


Since the end of 2008 this tiny vehicle has been in service at the German Bundeswehr-Navy-Harbour Kiel

18304 Busch 4900149001 Ford Crown Victoria “FBI Police”

18305 Busch 4917449174 Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model “Fire Service”

18306 Busch 4976749767 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class “Rescue Service Lahn/Dill Germany”18307 Busch 49819

49819 Mercedes-Benz M-Class with bicycle carrier and  mountain bike

18309 Busch 50236 50236 Robur LO 2002 A “Fire Brigade”

18310 Busch 50324 50324 Land Rover Defender “Police U.K.. NB this is incorrectly fitted with left hand steering !”

18311 Busch 5041550415 Tractor Progress ZT 323-A/M with heavy grubber

18312 Busch 5051450514 Lada 1500 saloon with radar device SRD 77 of the DDR Peoples Police

18313 Busch 5066150661 Mercedes-Benz Citan Combi with bicycle carrier and mountain bike18315 Busch 50810

50810 Hanomag AL 28 MKW mobile hospital

18316 Busch 5111151111 Mercedes-Benz Vito “Merz & Pilini event agency

18317 Busch 5116251162 Mercedes-Benz V-Class “German Police”

18318 Busch 5120051200 Framo V901/2 box van – grey (new mould)

18319 Busch 5120151201 Frama V901/2 box-van – green (new mould)

18320 Busch 5130051300 Belarus MTS80 tractor – orange (new mould)

18321 Busch 5130151301 Belarus MTS82 tractor – orange (new mould)

EsPeWe Models to 1:87 scale

18322 Busch EsPeWe 9501795017 HW 80 HTS Trailer with manure tank “Red October”

18323 Busch EsPeWe 9501895018 HW 80.11 Trailer “LPG Golden Ear”

18324 Busch EsPeWe 95145

95145 IFA W50LA 3SK (three-way tipper) with snow plough

18325 Busch EsPeWe 9516295162 IFA W50L Sp (haulier flatbed)

18326 Busch EsPeWe 9522395223 IFA W50LA PV (flatbed re-inforced) orange

18327 Busch EsPeWe 9522495224 IFA W50LA PV (flatbed re-inforced)  blue

18328 Busch EsPeWe 9552395523 IFA L60 DSK ND (3 way tipper) prototype

18329 Busch EsPeWe 9552595525 IFA L60 SHA (heavy duty chaff equipment) “LPG Golden Ear)

18330 Busch EsPeWe 9552995529 IFA L60 ETK (spare part box) “Malimo”

 Mehlhose Modelcars to 1:87 scale (Distributed by Busch)

18331 Mehlhose 210004401210004401 Tractor Famulus with mowing bar – red with yellow wheel rims

18333 Mehlhose 210004700-0002210004700 Tractor RS09 loading arm with shovel – red

18335 Mehlhose 210004800-0002210004800 Tractor RS09 loading arm with fork – red

18336 Mehlhose 210009002210009001 Tractor Famulus with twin tyres, grey with grey wheel rims

18337 Mehlhose 210009402210009402 long timber trailer – blue with grey wheel rims

18338 Mehlhose 210009403

210009403 long timber trailer – grey with red wheel rims

18339 Mehlhose 210010105210010105 Tractor Famulus – green with red wheel rims

18340 Mehlhose 210010124210010124 Tractor Famulus – blue with red wheel rims

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