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Atlas Dinky Trucks – 587 Camionette Citroën “Philips”

By Maz Woolley

Al photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

The latest model I have received in the Atlas Dinky Trucks subscription series is #587 Camionette Citroën “Philips”. The original Dinky 587 is a highly collectible model as it is a colourful and accurate depiction of a Philips display vehicle.

The original model is based upon a Citroën HY bodied by Currus for Philips as a vehicle for displaying their products,  at events. The model includes the opening rear and side doors, has a sliding ramp and plastic moulded interior painted to suggest products, like a fridge, on display. Different sources quote different dates of production but it was certainly made in 1964 and gone in 1965.

The box shows the Philips logo on the cab doors but this is not carried out on the model. Pictures on the web suggest that these logos do not exist in Philips publicity shots.

Pictures of the original vehicle can still be seen from Philips publicity magazine. The Dinky was a good replica though door handles have been modified so all small fingers to open them, the roof sign may have had a yellow backing and not a clear one, and the Philips logo and lettering on the plain side did not have an extended golden border on the example in the contemporary magazine.

The original model is now quite rare, and expensive, in complete condition so it is highly likely that many of the Atlas remakes will donate parts like the roof signs to bring original models back to complete condition.

The reproduction is not scarce with many already finding their way to the UK already from the Far East when they were made for the continental subscription series. Collectors should not that the copyright date on the base of the boxes issued by Atlas in the UK is 2017 and not the earlier date printed on the ones in the continental series.

Although hardly a truck in my eyes I am sure that there will be few complaints from Subscribers about this model, except perhaps from those who have already bought an example on eBay from  the far east.

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Atlas Dinky Toys – 543 Renault Floride

By Maz Woolley

Photographs by, and copyright of the Author.

The latest model sent to me by Atlas in the Dinky Toys series is another model originally released by Dinky France: 543 Renault Floride. Regular readers of MAR will have seen this model some time ago when the Author bought a copy from the Far East when it was released in the French Series from Atlas.

Atlas has chosen to reproduce the model in the rare white colour as it did in the French series. DINKYCOLLECT an expert on Dinky models says “The white Dinky Toys model was made specially to be given to some visitors of the Bobigny factory. A few were also sold through toy shops”.

The box shows the model in blue but no models in that colour are documented which is a shame as it looks good in that colour. Most of the models were in bronze, green, and gold metallic paint. All rather more interesting than the white chosen by Atlas however scarce the model is in this colour.

DINKYCOLLECT explains a little background to the car. “Designed by Ghia, the Floride like the Peugeot D3A van was not made by Renault. The body was pressed by Brissonaud et Lotz who also assembled the car. Today Brissonaud is part of Alstom and builds high speed trains and tram cars”.  The Floride was built in three variants a coupé, cabriolet and convertible, and Dinky chose to model the first. Later in the production the car was known as the Caravelle.

Based upon Dauphine, and later R8, mechanicals the Floride and Caravelle sold between 1958 and 1968.

As the Dinky Toys II collection has now started one wonders how long Atlas will prolong the original collection which now consists entirely of re-releases of French Dinkies in the same livery that they appeared in the French series.

As for the Floride, UK collectors will be more familiar with 222 Renault Floride from Corgi which models the same car but has an interior fitted.

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Atlas Deluxe Dinky Toys

By Maz Woolley

Atlas‘ web site is now showing the new Deluxe Dinky Toys range with models with opening parts as test marketed in mid 2015.  The starter model at a reduced price is the Aston Martin DB5 Convertible and it will then be followed by:

  • Honda S800
  • Simca 1500 Estate
  • Mercedes-Benz 230L
  • Ford Galaxie 500
  • Citroën DS 19

So all the follow up models promised in the new series are French Dinkies and no indication that any of the models originally shown in the test marketing will be made available. The original test marketed list of models was:

  • 164 Ford Zodiac Mark 4
  • 129 Volkswagen Deluxe Saloon
  • 212 Ford Cortina Rally Car
  • 151 Vauxhall Victor 101
  • 135 Triumph 2000
  • 250 Police Mini Cooper
  • 116 Volvo 1800S

In France the arrival of this series happened as the original Dinky Series was concluded one wonders if that will now happen here?

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Atlas Dinky Trucks 514 Guy Van Slumberland

By Maz Woolley

The latest in the Dinky Trucks series has arrived. This is a reproduction of the 514 Guy Van already seen in this series. This time it is seen in Slumberland livery.

The model comes in a reproduction of the original box which changed later to having blue and white stripes. The model was sold between 1949 and 1952 and was the first of several liveries on this casting including the Lyons Swiss Rolls one already seen in this range.

Atlas Dinky Toys Slumberland

The model is based upon the Guy Otter chassis which appeared shortly before the Second World War and gained a diesel engine when relaunched after the war. They were widely used by the nationalised British Road Services though Dinky never produced them in that livery.

Play value was added to the model with the opening rear doors.

The livery is beautifully printed. Slumberland are a UK firm producing mattresses and are a well known brand name even today.

The model had several different types of hubs over time but here Atlas have had the classic simple early type fitted.

To the front the lights and grill are neatly printed and the Slumberland logo is nicely reproduced on the raised van section.

This is another model from Atlas that I am sure will please many collectors and again it is a UK Dinky model which means that this series at least is meeting the original expectations set.

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Atlas Dinky Toys – 562 H Citroën 2CV Wegenwacht

By Maz Woolley

The latest model I have received in this series is a reproduction of French Dinky 562 H Wegenwacht 2CV Citroën van. This was model originally produced specially for the Netherlands in the livery of their national breakdown service.

The box is reproduced with all printing in Dutch except for the Dinky Toys elements and the Atlas details. The model was on sale from 1965 to 1968 and good examples are quite expensive to buy at auctions.

The opening rear door was a play feature though it is not easy to open for little, or even big, fingers. It also revealed the fact that there were no seats or other internal details.

The model has the Wegenwacht livery neatly printed though the originals came with decals or paper stickers. There are also quite a lot of lights and reflectors picked out in paint.

The ribbed rear section and bonnet are nicely captured and the yellow paint is not too heavily applied though at points it is a little thin on ridges.

All in all a nice model though I do wonder if we will ever see a UK Dinky Toy in this series again.

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Atlas Dinky Trucks – 25JJ Ford Calberson

By Maz Woolley

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

The latest Atlas Dinky Truck series model to be sent to me is French Dinky 25JJ Ford Poissy in Calberson livery.  Dinky France made extensive use of this cab. originally as a flatbed with or without end boards, then as a truck, a tanker, a high sided truck, a tipper, a dustcart and a tow truck before making the covered truck with a liveried tilt in Calberson, Grand Moulins De Paris and SNCF liveries. The final version was as a Nestlé milk lorry fitted with churns like the Studebaker already seen in the Atlas series.

Calberson are now part of the major French logistics company Geodis Calberson.   They first started road haulage work in 1921 and by the end of the 1940s Calberson was set on expansion buying up smaller hauliers to grow the business. So in the early 1950s more and more vehicles would have been seen on French roads in the distinctive yellow with red grille and wheels.

25JJ was introduced in 1949 and deleted in 1952. Despite the short run multiple variations exist as the decals were changed several times. Dinky also made an articulated truck in Calberson Livery based upon the Panhard lorry.

Ford opened their Poissy plant in 1940 only for it to be taken over after the German invasion and for its output to be dedicated to the German war machine managed from Ford’s Cologne works. After liberation its output was then switched to supporting the Allies across Europe. Production of the 5 ton Ford F698W nicknamed “Poissy” started in 1946 . It was a development of the Matford  F917WS  trucks produced during the war.

The Atlas model has been nicely produced replicating the original well with an early version of the Calberson livery showing the outline of France with a train and lorry superimposed. The later liveries replace France with a globe with aircraft and ship images superimposed reflecting Calbersons livery changes as the company grew and became an international as well as a national carrier. The yellow paintwork with red contrasted grille and wheels has been well replicated and even the cast in tow hook is there at the rear.

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Atlas Dinky 25B Peugeot D3A “Mazda”

By Maz Woolley


The latest release I have received in the Atlas Dinky Toys collection is another French Dinky: 25B Fourgon Tolé Peugeot.  I hesitate to say the latest release as I frequently hear of other collectors getting the models from Atlas in a different sequence to me.

The D3A was originally launched by Chenard-Walker in June 1946 with a little 1,000cc two cylinder engine and a flat fronted forward control layout.  Citroen launched the H van late in 1946 creating strong competition so a 1133cc engine was bought in from Peugeot and the “pigs snout” added at the front to accommodate the longer unit.

The D3 was smaller than the H and well adapted to light and urban delivery activities. Peugeot took over Chenard-Walker in 1950 as it was a major creditor and could see Chenard-Walker going out of business. It took the van and uprated the engine again to a four cylinder 1290cc unit and called it the D3A. An identical looking D4 with a 1496cc engine from the Peugeot 403 replaced the D3 in 1955 and it ran until the introduction of the J7 in 1965.

The Lampe Mazda livery is interesting. “Mazda” was a trademarked name registered by the US General Electric company in 1909 and licensed to companies around the world to allow bulbs to be made to a standard tungsten filament design and a standard socket design. In France Compagnie des Lampes were licensed  to produce them and traded as Mazda.

The Mazda Lamps liveried version of this model was launched by Dinky in 1953 and was one of their earliest models sold in a yellow box. It was deleted in 1955 by which time Dinky had started on a  long series of alternative liveries on this casting which include Postes, Cibie, and Esso, The rarest D3A versions seem to be those produced with no livery at all. The D3A casting seems to have been produced in one form or another until the early 1960s.

The Atlas replica is very well painted and printed and a nice item for the collection. I wonder what French Dinky model we will see next in this series.

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Atlas Dinky Trucks – 942 Foden 14-Ton Tanker “Regent”

By Maz Woolley

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author except for the excerpt from a June 1955 Dinky Magazine advert.

The latest issue from the Atlas Dinky Truck collection is 942 Foden 14-Ton Tanker “Regent”.

A model originally launched in 1955 using the second type of Foden Tanker casting as shown in the extract from the advert in Meccano magazine in June 1955 shown below.


This model followed 941 which was the same tanker in the equally attractive Mobilgas livery. By 1957 both had been deleted from the catalogue to be replaced by the same tanker in Esso livery. Atlas have chosen to model this in the nostalgic Regent livery. The Regent company was bought by Texaco and in the 1960s all their petrol stations in the UK were rebranded as Texaco.

The Atlas replica has been finished to the usual high standards with the Regent Livery beautifully printed on and the 20 sign on the rear mudguard well printed.

The tank fittings of hatches and crawling ladder are very well done with the ladders nicely pressed out of thin plate. The tank ends are neatly pressed on.

Elsewhere the radiator is well printed as are the lights and the front bumper. Just like the original red wheels are fitted which fits with the Regent red tank.

This series is continuing to meet the expectations of its subscribers. Although we have had a small number of models from Dinky France the majority are of products from Binns Road. This is unlike the Dinky Toys collection where the next model appears to be yet another French model a Peugeot D3A.

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Atlas Dinky – 811 Caravane

By Maz Woolley

Yet another French Dinky in this series. It is now some time since the Aston Martin DB3S which was the last model from the UK Dinky range in this series and that was issued at the end of 2016. I imagine that many collectors are now stopping collecting the series if postings on the web are any indication.

811 Caravane was issued by Dinky France in 1959 in beige or cream with a white roof. Dinky never stated the make of Caravan modelled but it is stated to be a Hénon in many reference books. This Caravan was never sold by Dinky UK. At some point in production it was slightly modified so the tab holding baseplate down at rear looked like a number plate.  Atlas have chosen to reproduce the model in Cream with white roof. The Caravane had been withdrawn by 1964 by which time it was looking old fashioned.

Although Dinky chose a “real” caravan to model, rather than make a generic one as earlier Caravans in the range had been,  it seems very plain as the big windows open on a completely vacant interior. Indeed the full length window on both sides makes one wonder how the interior was arranged.

Although glazing is boasted on the box it merely emphasises the lack of interior. Pictures of the Caravan suggest that they mostly had lots of curtains and some representation of curtains would have lived up this model,

A large tow hook is fitted at the front of the Caravan suitable for use by French or British Dinkies. This gave the Caravan great play value.

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Atlas Dinky Trucks – 32 AB Panhard SNCF

By Maz Woolley


The latest model from Atlas in this series is a replica of a French Dinky model 32 AB Tracteur Panhard et Semi-Remorque S.N.C.F.

This model was first introduced by Dinky in 1952 and the livery had an outline of France with a railway engine on it. This was deleted in 1953 and in 1954 a second type as modelled by Atlas appeared with an outline of France with SNCF across it. The second version was renumbered 575 in 1959 and was finally deleted from the catalogue in 1963. A very long run but the French Railways livery is very attractive and the model a neat one.

Dinky got their value from this tractor unit and trailer as it appeared in Kodak, Calberson, and Esso liveries as well. The tractor unit also appeared hauling an Esso fuel tanker.

The Atlas replica is generally well done though there is clearly some imperfections on the cab casting which have not been disguised by the paint. It is otherwise a rather nice replica with good printing of the SNCF livery and nice masked painting of the chrome.

Investigations show that the second release of this model had two different liveries over time. One which not only had SNCF over an outline of France surrounded by light blue but the initial letters S N C F printed in blue as well. This was used on vehicles with concave hubs. The second type with France surrounded in green and no contrast colouring on the leading letters was fitted to vehicles with convex hubs.  Atlas has chosen it to be printed in the second style which is appropriate as the vehicle has convex wheels.

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