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Collecting M&M Model and Toy Cars

By Jerry Broz

All text and photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

M&Ms, the round, button-shaped chocolate candies, originated in
the United States in 1941. Since 1980, the candy coated  chocolate candies have been sold across the world in more than 100 countries.

They are available in many different colors and in various flavors.
Through the years the M&Ms brand grew and this brought about
additional lines of merchandise produced under the M&M logo.
Early black-and-white TV adverts for the candies were featured as
the now world famous two, computer-animated, personified M&Ms
candy characters. Now there are hundreds of plastic, plush and stuffed candy characters, candy dispensers, figures, lamps, candy dishes, clock, ornaments, jewellery, pins, toppers to name just a few. For the collectors of items produced under M&M logo, there is even the M&M Collectors Club, Mars Candy’s sponsorship of NASCAR race cars with the M&M logo has led to the licensing of M&M logo and M&M liveried die-cast, resin, slot and plastic model cars and kits. This is in addition to an already well established line of toy cars, trucks, fire engines, motorcycles and airplanes. The six M&Ms personified spokes candy characters, the additional M&M lines of merchandise and, as well as, the toy cars have become popular collectables.

An interesting themed collection can be created from one or all of the following M&Ms model and toy cars.

M&M’s liveried Revell/Monogram Model Racing 1:32 scale
VW Fun Cup analog slot car, winner of 25 hours Spa 2010
Runs on all slot racing tracks.

M&M‘s liveried Spark 1:43 scale resin VW Fun Cup TDI
Spa 2009 and Kyle Bush Action Racing #18 M&M‘s
Caramel 1:64 scale die-cast Toyota Camry.

M&M‘s Racing Team, Motorworks Elliot Sander’s #38
NASCAR 1;32 scale Radio-Remote Control Ford, the likeness
of the same car is available in the 1;64 scale (pictured) and
in the 1;24 scale. The cars’  full functions features: Forward,
Reverse, Left/Right Turn, & Stop. Adjustable Front Wheel
Alignment, On/Off Switch,

M&M‘s one of the numerous pick-ups and trucks with a
various loads and equipment, driven by M character.

M&M‘s Police Car candy dispenser. Two police uniform
dressed M characters. The car features both a siren and
flashing lights on the roof.

M&M‘s Fire Engine Candy Dispenser with lights on top
and blaring siren imitating the real fire engine sound.
Expand and lift the ladder or push the button on the
side of the truck to activate the lights and siren. Red M
character is the driver with yellow aboard the ladder.

M&M‘s  “Under the Hood” yellow race car candy dispenser
with yellow and red M characters. This candy dispenser
was also produced in red as a Christmas gift.

Official M&Mâs Limited Edition Collectable Five Alarm Red’s
Firehouse Fire Truck Candy Dispenser. To fill the dispenser,
the top of the car is lifted. When pushing down on ladder,
the candies are dispensed. Red M character is the driver
with Yellow, in a firemans hat, on the back.

M&M‘s brown ceramic cruiser “Woody” with red and
green M characters. Woody is one of many ceramic cars
and ceramic car candy dishes, e.g., Halloween Hot Rod,
Red Convertible Sport Car, Limo Car, Blue “Fire 57”
Chevy convertible, etc., as well as a porcelain Valentine
Hot Rod. All driven by M characters.

M&M‘s NASCAR #36 race car collectible metal candy
container and, Volkswagen Love Bug collectible metal
candy can. Metal was also used for the M&M‘s lunchboxes.

M&M‘s Vintage Motorcycle with side car and a Blue M
character as a Patriotic Freedom Rider.

M&M‘s Vintage ‘90 yellow Hot Road race car jalopy
“Rebel without a Clue Cause” candy dispenser with red
and green M characters.

M&M‘s simple Radio-Remote Control toy car convertible
with a yellow M character as a driver. The drive system
(forward/reverse) operates independently of the steering
(left/right). Unfortunately, the car isn’t particularly fast.