Catalog Corner: Tekno Part II

by Karl Schnelle

Part II of this series focuses on the more unusual Tekno catalogs:   from France, Japan, and Holland.  Maybe they are not so much unusual but just different from the normal catalogs shown in Part I.

As in Part I, most of these catalogs have no dates listed, so their dates are approximated based on the newest models shown.


I have seen three leaflets from France, all printed in blue or black ink. All three were produced by Solido, because they had a marketing and production agreement with Tekno.  In fact, the regular Solido catalogs (in French) from 1966-71 had 3-5 pages each of Tekno models.  The 1972 catalog did not, so perhaps their agreement ended in 1971.

Around 1962, this 1-page, black & white sheet came out from Solivac, the parent company of Solido.  Click image below for larger version.

Then, in 1964 or 65, this blue and black printed sheet came out.  The Solido and Tekno names were shown in equal proportions this time.

A year later or so (65 or 66), this blue and black tri-fold page came out in French with no mention of Solido. Notice that the traditional Tekno script has been changed, and they are now refereed to as marvelous Danish miniatures!


I assume the Japanese importer produced these catalogs.   From 1964-65, the next catalog is a completely different size and color than any other Tekno catalogs.  It is only 4 pages and measures 26cm x 18cm.

Next up is a smaller multi-fold brochure from 1971 that resembles some of the colors that Kirk used (black background, close up photos, etc).  Kirk produced Tekno cars under Tekno and then Kirk brands for a while.  The front of the 16 pages shows a Toronado with black hood (bonnet), while the back shows a nice shot of a disassembled Mercedes bus!  Both of these were made by Kirk, in fact,

Finally, the regular 1968-69 catalog has been seen with Japanese characters.   Were the other newer catalogs also translated into Japanese?  The cover is identical to the one in Part I.  [Photo credits: Tom Eitnier]


 After Tekno Denmark went out of business, Tekno Holland bought out the name and some of the models and started operations again in 1974.   Living in Copenhagen in 1981, I went to every toy store I could find to see if they had any Danish old stock left.  In one former toy store that was completely empty, there  was this sticker still on the window.  “Tekno Again” announced that Teknos were being sold again in Denmark after an hiatus of 2 years.  The dimensions of the sticker are  exactly the same as the previous three catalogs.

Just to finish the story, a  few years later, this multi-fold catalog was included in Tekno boxes from Holland.  The same Tekno Holland orange is used! The front and back are shown below.

This brings us to the end of my catalog story.  As a keen collector, I am still searching for more examples of Tekno Denmark catalogs. I am sure there are more out there somewhere!

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