Camping with Greenlight

By Maz Woolley

Greenlight Fleetwood Bounder 1986

All the Greenlight models shown in his article are diecast to 1:64 scale in China for US based Greenlight.

Greenlight have focused on popular collecting themes often using the same casting in different series. The Fleetwood Bounder above is from their Route 66 series but it also appears identically finished as far as I can tell as a “Breaking Bad” TV tie-in model. The Red VW Type 2 Transporter shown below is a Hollywood tie-in showing the VW from “Field of Dreams”. The two Westfalia’s shown are a model from the Club VeeDub series (Orange) and a model only available as part of a set (Green).  Photographs of these models can be seen in the gallery below.

Fleetwood Bounder 1986

This is a classic large American Motorhome which was featured in the first episode of the TV series “Breaking Bad”. The model is an impressive size and well finished though it seems that there is no rear fitted interior which is such an impressive feature of the real vehicle. but this is hidden by the tinted windows.

VW Type 2 1973

This is modelled as featured in the film “Field of Dreams”. It has a roof rack and has been weathered to give the effect of being splattered by mud. The interior is pretty basic “mini bus” format with an oversize steering wheel. Although it hasa correct rear number plate it lacks a front one. All the US only side lights are printed on which suggests to me that the casting may also be used to make a European VW as well.  

VW Type 2 1973 Westfalia

Greenlight have already produced this camper in two colours with the roof slanting in different directions. A neat representation of the original it again features printed US format lights on the sides. The interior appears to be standard minibus layout and not the interior of a Westfalia camper which is a shame.

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