Bubblecar Museum, Lincolnshire UK

By Maz Woolley

All photographs by the Author, and copyright of Author. 

This unusual museum is housed in modern Industrial buildings in rural Lincolnshire. It is situated in what was known as “bomber country” due to the large number of USAAF and RAF airbases which took advantage of the flat landscape during the Second World War. It is only a few miles away from RAF Coningsby where the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is based and which is also an excellent place to visit when in this part of the UK.

Although called a Bubble Car Museum it has a range of Microcars as well as Motorbikes and Scooters.

The museum is mainly located on the ground floor with a smaller second floor with yet more vehicles. On entry to the collection you go past the classic bubble cars with Messerschmidt, Heinkel, and Isetta all on display.  The collection also includes several Bonds and Berkeleys.

The cars are all a little crowded together but a great deal of effort has been made to show the cars with accessories and other period items.

Displays of models, toys, and household items help bring the era alive and perhaps help add enjoyment to the visit for those who are not quite as interested in the cars.

I was very pleased to see an example of the Frisky which was modelled by Spot On in the 1960s.

Two Bond Bugs as modelled by Corgi are on display as well.

There are lots of more modern French Microcars as they survive there due to licensing allowing them to be driven by the young without tests.

And even an unusual UK made Cursor Microcar which never caught on.

There are several examples of the Bamby made in the UK in the mid 80s.

There is an excellent display of Scooters including rare ones from Iso, Heinkel, Zundapp, and even Bond.

There are also some utilitarian three wheelers from New Map Solyto and Piaggio’s ubiquitous Ape 50 as well as the unique disabled vehicle build by AC and provided under the National Health Service here in the UK to disabled people until it was done away with as dangerous in 2003. Ironically, the motability electric Scooters that have replaced them don’t seem any safer when they venture onto the road.

My post only gives a brief appreciation of what is there as the museum has well over 50 vehicles with most on display.

I hope that my pictures will encourage you to visit the museum if you are in the area. Note that at present it is only open three days a week and shuts over the winter months so do check the web site before you visit.  It is staffed by knowledgeable and friendly staff and has an excellent small cafe with value for money food and even has a camp site for those who are touring.

Those who want to find out more about this museum should visit their web site here. 

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