Brooklin 32 Detailed

By Maz Woolley


Shortly after finishing the makeover for the Brooklin 1956 Ford another Brooklin became available on eBay at a modest price so emboldened by the response to my first effort I bought it. to see that makeover visit

BRK32 is a model of the 1953 Studebaker Commander Starliner Coupe. In 1953 this series of Studebakers must have looked very radical low, sleek and very much more modern than cars from the big three and other independents. Designed by Robert E Bourke the head of Raymond Loewy Associates Studebaker design operation the basic shape continued through the 1950s albeit with growing wings until the launch of the Silver and Golden Hawk in 1957. Only around 20,000 of the 1953 Starliner were made so it was exclusive as well as different.

The Starliner was the name given to the two door coupe which was offered on both the the Champion and Commander ranges. Brooklin has chosen to model the top of the range Commander which was powered by a V8 rather than the straight six of the Champion.

The Studebaker model had much more detailing than the Ford with details picked out by Brooklin on the lower parts of the car with scripts, V8 signs and some chrome trim already in silver and a black wash on grille.  The photographs above shows the model as sold. You will see that none of the chrome around the windows was picked out making the model look a little unbalanced. My detailing this time was limited to the upper half of the model using Liquid Chrome and this has I think improved an already good model. At the point of photographing I had not added a layer of clear film on the metal lights with Krystal Klear but I will do so.

After Liquid Chrome painted on – front view
After Liquid Chrome painted on – rear view

Looking at eBay there are many much better improved models from John Roberts amongst others with two tone paint finish, as offered by Brooklin on later versions of this model.

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