Book Review: British Sporting Cars in Miniature

by Karl Schnelle


David Wright tells us that he has had much complimentary feedback from readers of his latest book, British Sporting Cars in Miniature (2015), and that it is selling well. It covers classic British sporting cars from the early pioneers of the pre-war era, through the golden years of the 1950’s and 1960’s, and includes summaries of the production of the real cars, and a comprehensive selection of the miniatures, both toys and collectors models.

I find it interesting that the title says ‘sporting’ and not the more typical ‘sports’.  In fact, the author gives a definition at the beginning of the book.  Sporting cars include sports cars as well as those that  “may not have great performance but have a presence and attitude”.  That’s a great way to put it.

It features over 1000 color pictures, some never seen before, from both his own collection  and those of a number of serious collectors around the world. This 300 page book, featuring 85 marques of cars, was launched this time last year and, with Christmas here again, could represent a very nice gift for those interested in this field.

Marques include all those that you would expect, but also ones I have never heard of, from Ashley to Unipower!   A mix of obsolete 1/43 diecast and Matchboxes, early white metal kits, and newer Lansdowne, Minichamps, Spark, etc, etc are included.

More details can be found on his website, or email the author at david at   Happy Holidays!

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