Book Review – Blue Light Models

Blue Light Models A History and Collector’s Guide by Adrian Levano. English Text. 96 pages. Many colour pictures, Softbound, 235x165mm. Published by Amberley Books and available from good specialist booksellers, Amazon, and direct from

The Author makes it clear that this is not a definitive reference book. And at less than 100 pages it could not hope to catalogue everything that is available to collectors.  Instead it provides an interesting look at Emergency Services models from around the world with a lot of background on model makers, how the models came about, and why you might collect them.

The book is nicely laid out with easily readable text accompanied by many well chosen photographs which have been reproduced to a high standard. The Author has made sure that the photographs are well integrated with the text which is not always the case.

The book starts by talking about models and then moves on to showing a sample of models from many countries around the world. Pictures of old and new models illustrate this. The Author then looks at some more specialist emergency areas like military vehicles and after that looks at models in a range of  scales. Finally, Film and TV “tie-in” emergency vehicles are looked at and the book drawn to a close with a look at how to go about collecting.

Those new to collecting, but wanting more substance than most articles in the monthly model press, will find this an interesting book even if their primary focus is not “blue light” models.  For those starting to collect emergency vehicles I am sure it will provide inspiration and practical guidance. Even those with a wider experience of the hobby will find it a good read and will, like me, greatly enjoy seeing the excellent photographs of some of the rarities shown.


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