Avon Calling! Fords from Avon

By Dave Turner

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author.

Ed: With a challenge like a GM Avon Corvette how could a Ford man resist showing off the range of Ford products from Avon!

These were actually featured by Don Elliott in MAR 16 back in December 1985 and this black Model T produced in 1969/70 was described by him as a Touring T. Approximating to 1911 before the Tourer got doors for the driver the label under this calls it simply “Veteran Car” and it contained 180cc of “Windjammer” after shave. The part of the moulding that represents the steering wheel is centrally located while based on the wheelbase it scales out to around 1:25. An extremely basic black plastic moulding represents the roof and front screen frame while the stopper is the spare wheel cover on the tail. This same casting was issued again in 1978 exactly the same but this time finished in silver and was illustrated in MAR 18.

In MAR 17 a further but slightly later Model T was illustrated and was issued by Avon in 1973 called “Country Vendor”. This represented an open sided van that was often called an express in 1921, from which produce etc was displayed and sold. Most of the upper body on this decanter was a plastic mounding.

Going back to MAR 16 in which Avons 1930 Model A Roadster was illustrated although Don described it as 1928. The flat topped and tall hood would suggest that it is a ’30. Once again this contained “Windjammer” after shave (120cc) the stopper being located inside the plastic rumble seat/spare wheel moulding. These were issued by Avon 1972-74. Again using the wheelbase as a guide this is slightly smaller than the T being closer to 1:29.

Produced 1976/7, Avon issued a 1936 Five Window Coupe in around 1:28 scale containing “Oland” aftershave this time measured as 5 fluid oz. A plastic complete rear end hides the stopper in this case while stick-on labels represent the grille and wheels.

A smaller size of decanter began with a 1955 Thunderbird hardtop for 1974/75 containing just 2 fluid oz of “Wild Country” after shave. This works out at around 1:34 scale and was followed for 1976-78 by a 1964 Mustang Coupe in which was 2 fluid oz of “Tai Winds” aftershave, this container working out to 1:38.

The most recent Ford so far found as an Avon decanter is the F Series pick up in Ranger package form that was issued for 1972-74 as a Camper with a plastic camper body that dispensed talcum in addition to the 5 fluid oz. of “Wild Country” aftershave in the cab section. The grille, windows, wheels and striping are in the form of stick-on labels although the grille pattern appears to combine a mixture of the ’71 and ’73 details. For 1978/9 this was issued once again but without the camper top. The entire pick up body aft of the cab is a plastic moulding concealing the stopper. As for the scale, assuming we have a ’73 F250 it is around 1:31.

While on the Avon theme, a couple of Fords came in their 1984 pewter collection. These took the form of rather poorly proportioned 1955 Thunderbird Hardtop and 1964 Mustang Coupe, the same as their decanters. The Thunderbird especially is obviously far too narrow in relation to its length the Mustang a trifle less so, both have rather ‘lowline’ roofs and are extremely heavy!


1 and 2 Avon 1:29 ceramic decanter: 1930 Model A Roadster.

3 and 4 Avon 1:28 ceramic decanter: 1936 Five Window Coupe

5 and 6 Avon 1:25 ceramic decanter: 1911 Model T Tourer

7 and 8 Avon 1:38 ceramic decanter: 1964 Mustang Coupe

9 and 10 Avon 1:34 ceramic decanter: 1955 Thunderbird Hardtop

11 and 12 Avon 1:48 pewter : 1955 Thunderbird Hardtop

13 and 14 Avon 1:53 pewter: 1964 Mustang Coupe

15 Avon Thunderbird and Mustang underside.

16 and 17 Avon 1:31 ceramic decanter: 1972(?) F250 Ranger

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