AutoCult November 2016

By Maz Woolley


Thomas Roschmann of Autocult has sent us news of the latest models to be launched. Again all are made in China in resin to 1:43 scale for Germany. They are the  usual mix of obscure and workaday subjects.


03007 Triver Rana

This microcar was launched in 1955 and was built in Bilbao in Spain until 1960. It was an attempt to provide basic transportation along the lines of the Italian Isetta with entry via a single front mounted door and space for two adults in the front and two children in the rear. All powered by a 399cc 15 HP boxer engine located between the rear wheels.

The poor sales were hardly surprising as in 1957 the SEAT 600 was launched offering the Spanish family more comfort and speed. Microcars like the Triver and Biscuter quickly became sidelined by a “proper” up to date small car.



05014 Gatso 4000 Aero Coupe

This car was produced in the Netherlands from 1948 in Heemstede and the owner of the factory was Maurice  Gatsonides. Its distinctive appearance came from the third central light. The production numbers are not firmly established and between 4 and 11 cars may have been made some as coupes and some as convertibles, and a four seater touring car was also proposed. The car was based on a Matford Chassis (French Ford which later became Simca) and a four litre V8 Mercury engine.

The name Gatso will be more familiar to UK readers as a brand of speed camera developed by Maurice in the 1950s when he was a rally driver as a timing device. It was widely used by UK police forces in the 1980s and 1990s



06011 Audi Asso di Picche

This was one of series of three cars produced by Giorgio Giugiaro of Ital Design in the early 1970s. Asso di Picche means “ace of spades”.

The body was built on the Audi 80 and shown at Motor Shows in 1973 but it was never taken up by Audi though some may say that the shape had some influence upon the first generation Quattro.



07005 Ford Thames 400E Racing Truck

The 400E has already appeared in the Autocult range and here it is presented as a basic racing transporter as used by Team Lotus in its early days. A similar model with a trailer has also been produced by SMTS in the UK.

The flat bed rear would have been added to a standard Chassis/Cab unit shipped by Ford and customised to allow one car to be strapped on.



08004 Goliath Express 1100 flatbed truck

Introduced in 1953  with a two stroke engine of 688cc and 29 HP this lightweight truck replaced the slow selling GV800. The engine was quickly uprated to 886cc in 1955 as the vehicle was struggling against the faster moving traffic of the mid 1950s. In mid-1957 Goliath introduced a 1093cc four stroke engine to power the 1100 but even this was not enough and production ceased in 1961.


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