AutoCult News – September

By Maz Woolley

Autocult continue their steady release of 1:43 scale resin models moulded in China for Germany. Again the models released cover a wide range of prototypes. In one case below the model is to 1:18 scale.

09002 Commer Dormobile Coaster 1972


Campers always make impressive models especially when shown with their roof elevated. Here is a Commer Van converted by Martin Walter the owners of the “Dormoblie” trade mark. Campers based upon the Commer P series forward control were less common than those based on the much cheaper and more economical Bedford CA range.


05013 Denzil WD 1300 Super 1954


The Denzil WD 1300 Super was made in Austria and was based on Volkswagen Beetle components. The engines were totally rebuilt with high quality components allowing the engines to be tuned to produce much, much more power than the standard Volkswagen unit.

A total of around 65 cars were produced in this series with a variety of specifications and states of tune. Production ended in around 1959.


1102 Mercedes Benz L312 Buhne Melisana


This was a custom built truck for Klosterfrau. It was designed to show off their goods and initially toured Germany selling their Melisenngeist products.  It was then repainted in the livery shown   for a tour of Spain where the product was sold as Melisana. No trace of the vehicle can be found after the tour of Spain.


12003 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ56F Fire Appliance 1976


Produced between 1975 and 1980 these vehicles with their open sides and canvas roof were designed to allow quick entry and exit with scant regard for the comfort of the crew. They were powered by a 4.2 Litre six cylinder engine. The prefecture of Fukai was one that operated trucks like this.


03006 Maico 400/4 1955


This another in Autocult’s microcar series. This German built car used the Heinkel 396cc engine with 15BHP. The /4 referred to the fact that this was a four seater. Demand was weak because it was wider known that a 500/4 based on the uprated 18BHP Heinkel engine would be released in the near future.  Only 21 of the 400/4 were sold.

80003 Brandpowder 911DS


This 1:18 scale model is of a curiosity from the USA in 2013. In fact it is an advertising stunt that never existed in reality. A Porsche 911  front end has been combined with the Citroed DS rear end to make and attractive combination of the two cars.


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