AutoCult January 2017

By Maz Woolley


The latest models from Autocult are shown below. These are all made in resin to 1:43 scale in China for Germany. As usual there are models from the multiple categories of their output.


Past Brands – TVR Tasmin Coupé

Designed by Oliver Winterbottom who had previously worked for Lotus Sportscars the Tasmin was launched in 1980. The influence of the designers work on the Lotus Elite were clear.  The wedge shaped design was a marked departure from the rounder cars that had preceded it.

Although the fibreglass body was made in house most components from the engines to the switch gear were bought in Ford parts.

Engineers Small Series – Mismaque Squal

Designed by a young French engineer Guy Mismaque it began life fitted with an engine from a Citroen 2CV in a fibreglass body but Citroen failed to supply engines they had promised so it was re-engineered to take the Simca 1000 engine though that arrangement also unravelled as the Chrysler takeover of Simca took place.  The first car was launched in 1959 and ready by Autumn 1960 but it never gathered enough interest for series production.

It is uncertain how many cars were but Guy’s son Franck thinks that seven or eight cars were made in total.

Delivery Vehicles – Tempo Wiking Series 1

Tempo three-wheelers were very popular delivery vehicles in the immediate post-war years when demand was high and only a very limited supply of vehicles was available. By the early 1950’s people wanted more conventional vehicles and in 1953 the Wiking was presented at the motor show with a load capacity of 850 kilograms powered by a small Heinkel two stroke engine driving the front wheels. The small van was an immediate success and 12,590 were made by 1955 when the Wiking was replaced.

Emergency Vehicles – Pegaso Z-203 Fire Engine


After World War II the Hispano-Suiza type 66 truck was sold under the Pegaso brand name. The type 66 G evolved into the Pegaso Z-202 and Z-203. The cab design gave it the Spanish nickname Mofletes.  Translated into English that is “chubby cheeks”.

The Z-Series was a strong seller to hauliers and the construction industry and when Fire Brigades needed to modernise their fleets a conversion with specialist bodywork sold well to them too. Carrying up to eight firemen and their equipment plus fire hoses to attach to hydrants.

The fire appliance conversion had different bumpers and fittings to the truck which were coloured in gold to contrast with the red colour of the Fire Brigade livery.

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