Autocult Ford 400E

By Maz Woolley


Autocult are well know for their 1:43 scale resin models made for them in China. They specialise in rare vehicles which have generally never been modelled before so I was rather taken aback to see a Ford 400E truck in their latest set of releases. Whilst the Van and Minibus versions are freely available in 1:43 scale from Oxford Diecast this is the first 1:43 scale model of the cab and chassis combination.

When I asked why AutoCult had chosen to model what I thought a rather ordinary vehicle Thomas Roschman of Auto Cult said

“I think that with its story the Ford Thames is not an ‘ordinary’ vehicle.  AutoCult chooses models after studying their history and takes no consideration of the numbers built. We only avoid those which have already been made before.  We want to show the world wide development of vehicles and particularly those whose development was important for the local car industry. I think the story of the British-Danish co production of this vehicle  was important and that the Ford Thames is a sympathetic vehicle as well.

An example of our approach was the Steyr truck already made. This is also an ‘ordinary’ truck but it was the most important for the Austrian Truck industry. A story worth  telling…. That is the AutoCult philosophy.”


In 1957 Ford replaced the very outdated Fordson E83W with the Thames 400E. The small truck series was mainly produced at Dagenham by the Thames but it was also produced in the Danish Ford plant in Copenhagen.

The Ford Thames 400E was launched as a Van and this was followed by a Minibus and from 1961 as a cab and chassis. The vehicle modelled is a dropside truck where the planked sides could be folded down.

The Thames 400E was powered by a 1,703 cc four-stroke engine from the Ford Consul and production in the UK and Denmark reached 187.000.


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