Auto Review News – June 2016

By Rod Ward


Latest Releases

Here is a little introduction to each of the new Auto Review titles just released:
Auto Review 121 Made in Spain
by Rod Ward
Auto Review Made in Spain
Here we cover all of the Spanish vehicle manufacturers, from the exclusivity of Hispano-Suiza, though the economy era of the Voisin and David microcars, to the fabulous Pegaso cars. Commercial vehicles by Sava, Barreiros and Enasa, and tractors by Ebro and others are also described and pictured, along with Spanish-made buses and coaches. The biggest story of all the various Spanish marques is that of SEAT, from licence-builders of Fiats to becoming a cornerstone of the Volkswagen Group.  This book has been well-received by experts on the subject, and will fill a gap on many enthusiasts’ shelves. ISBN 978-1-85482-118-1  £5.95

Auto Review 122 Dennis Album 
by Rod Ward
Auto Review Dennis

Dennis Brothers set up in business in 1895, making bicycles in Guildford, but they soon added motor tricycles, quadricycles and cars  to their product range. After the Great War cars were discontinued, the firm concentrating on lorries, buses, fire appliances and motor mowers. The Dennis name became ubiquitous on the streets of Britain from the 1920s to the 1960s, on every kind of commercial vehicle, but most notably on fire appliances and municipal vehicles. The last Dennis bus was made in 1967 and in 1972 Hestair Group took over the firm, renaming it Hestair Dennis. In 1989 it was sold to Trinity Holdings, then in 1998 to  Mayflower Corporation. in 2001 TransBus International was set up, but in 2004 it went into administration and Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) was set up in its place. In 2007 ADL acquired Plaxton, creating the UK’s biggest bus and coach manufacturer.  ISBN 978-1-85482-119-8   £5.95

We have also reprinted Auto Review 80 Dinky Toys and other Meccano products, which is not really a ‘second edition’, as there are only minor changes to the text, but we sold out of the original print run, and demand for this title continues. It is our policy to produce new and revised editions, or reprints, of any Auto Review title on the verge of selling out. right now we are monitoring half a dozen titles where there is only a limited stock left. Unlike the Dinky Toy book, these will all probably need extensive revisions and additions, as they are all marque histories. watch this space!

You can order any Auto Review book direct from us by email, telephone or snail mail (payments by Paypal to – add £1.00 p&p per title UK, £2.00 EU, £3.00 elsewhere.

Send mail orders to R & V Ward, 81 Main Street, Monk Fryston, Leeds LS25 5DU (for payments by cheque or via Paypal) or if you wish to pay by credit card you can order online via Oxford Diecast online at our new link:

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Auto Review 121 and 122 have just arrived, and the next three titles are now completed (123 Tiny Wheels, 124, Volvo Album and 125 Gloster album) for publication later this year.

I am currently working on the two next titles, 126 Optare Album, for publication in 2016, and the first 2017 title 127 Kaiser-Frazer-Willys**.  If you have anything (photos, advertising material etc) we can use for these two, and for any of our other future publications, please send it to me as soon as possible.

A big thank you to all those who have recently supplied photos and other material.

** Photos etc wanted of Kaiser cars (including Henry J), Frazer cars, Willys cars and trucks, Whippet, Graham-Paige, Paige-Detroit, Jewett, Jeep and Kaiser-Jeep (up to 1970), and other Kaiser products, including Liberty ships, Kaiser-Fleetwings aircraft etc. AND production of the various marques in South America. Yes, it’s another big story, with lots of byways, predecessors and successors!

Auto Review 2016 titles
  • 117 Cord Corporation: obviously Cord-Auburn-Duesenberg, but also Checker cab, Stinson aircraft, 
  •        Vultee, American Airlines and much more, all owned by E L Cord at one time or another..        Available now
  • 118 Borgward Album – including Pionier, Borgward, Hansa, Lloyd, Goliath, etc         Available now
  • 119 Atkinson, Seddon and Seddon Atkinson     Available now
  • 120 A car less ordinary: Retro, repro & pastiche cars, plus novelty vehicles       Available now
  • 121 Made in Spain: Hispano-Suiza, Pegaso, Seat, Voisin, and many, many others          Available now
  • 122 Dennis Album: including cars, buses, trucks, fire appliances etc         Available now
  • 123 Tiny Wheels: micro cars, city cars, bubble cars, Aixam, Ligier, Keicars, Smart etc          for publication in August 2016
  • 124 Volvo Album :  All cars, trucks, buses etc         for publication in August 2016
  • 125 Gloster Aircraft: Including Saunders-Roe, Nieuport and Gloster-Saro        for publication in October 2016
126 Optare, plus Charles Roe, East Lancs, etc By Tony Greaves
        for publication in October 2016


Here is the 2017 Auto Review publishing programme (subject to change, but probably pretty solid):

Auto Review 2017 titles
127 Kaiser-Frazer-Willys: including Henry J, Graham-Paige, Whippet, Jeep and much more
        for publication in February 2017
128 Sentinel Album: motor buses, trucks, steam vehicles, locos, TVW, Doble, HSG, Garner, Straussler etc.  
        for publication in February 2017
129 VW air-cooled: Beetles, Transporters, Karmann-Ghias etc 
        for publication in April 2017
130 Micro caravans: Tiny trailer and motor vans. By Andrew Jenkinson
        for publication in April 2017
131 Maserati Album: including road and racing cars etc
        for publication in June 2017
132 Delage, Delahaye, Hotchkiss: including US, French and British Hotchkiss firms etc
        for publication in June 2017
133 Scammell Album: Trucks, mechanical horses, trailers, dumpers, plus other UK heavy haulage marques: Unipower, HHT, Rotinoff, Annis, Pacific etc
        for publication in August 2017
134 Westland aircraft: from the Great War to date
        for publication in August 2017
135 AEC-ACV-Maudslay including AEC, Associated Daimler, Maudslay marine engines, rail locos, cars, trucks, buses, Ruston, Sunbeam, BUT etc
        for publication in October 2017
136 BMW Album: to include the stories of BMW, Dixi, Isetta, Glas, BFW etc
        for publication in October 2017

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