Auto Cult December 2016

By Maz Woolley

Auto Cult have announced  a new set of models made in China to 1:43 scale in resin, unless otherwise stated.These will be released in December except for one which is now expected in January. All photographs have been supplied by Auto Cult. Their annual book providing the history of the prototypes of the models they have made this year will also be issued either on its own or with a special VW model to accompany it.

E-03008 Gutbrod Superior Sport Roadster


Gutbrod were one of many German small companies who started up just after the Second World War. Initially producing a closed coupe style car called the Superior 600. To increase sales Wendler, an established coachbuilder, were asked to provide a new design which became the Superior Sport.

This roadster was introduced in 1952 and had a fabric roof with a plastic rear window. It was fitted with a two cylinder, two stroke engine made in house of 700cc. It was front wheel drive and had a three speed gearbox and a top speed of around 70mph. Numbers made are disputed but appear to be between 12 and 20.


01002 Walter WZ 1500


Walter were an early pioneer of motoring born in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Motorbikes were already in production in 1901 and by 1913 the first cars were made. After the First World War the cars continued to be made in the Czech Republic and in 1921 the WZ1500 was launched with a 1500cc, two cylinder, water cooled engine. It was a high performance car for its day.  The car is in the livery for a mountain rally Bergrennen of 1924″.


05009 Bizzarini 1900GT


Giotto Bizzarini was a freelance designer who collaborated on the production of the Ferrari 250 GTO and worked on the development of the 350 GT engine for Lamborghini. By 1965 he had created his own design house Automobilli Bizzarini and whilst working for others he had ambitions to produce his own sports car.

In 1966 the car was presented at the Turin Motor Show. The car had a plastic body on a fine tubular frame and was fitted with a 1900cc engine made by Opel. Given the light weight body and the 110hp produced by the modern Opel engine a top speed of  around 130mph was possible. Again production numbers are not clear but it thought that no more than 17 were made.

The model represents a car from 1969 when the production ceased.




This model was due for sale in December but will now be shipped in January due to some technical issues.

This Austrian made utility vehicle dates from 1968.  It was fist demonstrated on the Kitzsteinhorn. It was targetted for those who needed a utility vehicle for use on mountains.  It used many components of the Steyr-Puch Haflinger but combined them a specially designed chassis and  tracks. It was powered by an air cooled, twin cylinder, boxer engine from the Haflinger.

Between 1968 and 1972 81 of these vehicles were made in Kitzbühl in Austria.


80001 Otto Mathé Fetzenflieger


This is a model made to 1:18 scale.  It is a racer built in Austria by Otto Mathé in 1952 which was nicknamed ‘Fetzenfluzeug’. based on VW components and an 100hp Porsche engine. Mathé  was based in Innsbruck and raced the car up until the end of the 1950s.

The car is on show today in the PROTOTYP  museum in Hamburg.


99116 Set of the Year and 99016 Book 2016


Each year Auto Cult issue an illustrated book giving the background history of all the models that they have made. This comes in two editions. One just consists of the book and the other includes a special model.

This year the special model is the Volkswagen T2b Curry from Austria. A Currywurst is a well known German and Austrian snack consisting of a smoked sausage in a roll with a dollop of ketchup flavoured with curry powder. It tastes marvellous after a few pints of beer!

The vehicle was a collaboration between Austrian artist Erwin Wurm and Volkswagen. It was based on on old VW T2b  and built by trainees from Audi-VW. It was shown in 2015 at Wolfsburg Museum.

Auto Cult have also announced their next 1:18 scale model which will be an Adler Trumf Rennlimousine which is due for release in March 2017.

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