Atlas Vehicles of the Volksarmee

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

This subscription series is sold by Atlas in Germany. It covers vehicles used by, and in the livery of, the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) which was founded in 1956 and disbanded in 1990 after the re-unification of Germany.

18711-7-2016GAZ 69M Soviet Field Car 7 550 109

Looking for suitable field cars for the Peoples Army the GDR authorities not only developed the Horch P2M and P3 but also bought Soviet field cars. The GAZ 69 was introduced  into the National Peoples Army in 1957. From 1967 to 1972, the upgraded version 69M, the prototype for this model, was supplied by the Soviets. The car was fitted with a four cylinder-four stroke engine of 2430cc. It was rated at 65hp and drove all four wheels.

The authentic body is painted in the same matt olive green as all NVA vehicles and equipment. From the camouflage-lights above the headlights to the spare wheel at the left side, all features are true to the original. A number of small parts have been modelled and added. National emblems are to be seen on the doors.

Also accurately for an NVA-vehicle there is a registration plate only at the rear side. Spartan interior with steering wheel and gear lever is well detailed, as is the the base plate.

18712-7-2016SPW 60PB Armoured Personnel Carrier 7 550 113

This four axle armoured personnel carrier was the most used armoured vehicle in the former National Peoples Army. It was supplied by the Soviets, manufactured at Gorkowski Awtomobilny Zawod (GAZ) and introduced in 1967. It was fitted with two six-cylinder engines, each of 3,480 cc, supplying 90 hp. Drive was to all eight wheels. It had a top speed of 80 kph. It used around 76 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres. The miniature is detailed with many small added parts. Weaponry and armour are well detailed but the baseplate shows no details.  The printed registration number at sides and on the turret and the National Emblems of the GDR are all present and nicely done.

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