By Hans-Georg Schmitt



Sachsenring P 240 Repräsentant Parade car

When the generals of the National Peoples Army of the former DDR attended big military gatherings they liked to appear in parade cars. Two huge cabriolets were built based upon the Sachsenring P 240 which was developed from pre-war Horch engineering and used a six cylinder 2.4 litre engine from that source. Sachsenring was the luxury brand in East Germany although production ceased in 1959 when central Soviet planning dictated that only Tatra was to produce luxury cars outside the Soviet Union for sale in the Comecon trading area.

These cars were only used for the great communist parades which meant that they stood idle for 360 days of the year in their garage. Photographs of military parades show them with DDR registration plates of VA 14-0600 and VA 14-0601. Today you may see one of the parade cars on display in the military museum in Dresden, and the other in the August Horch Collection in Zwickau.


The model is accurately shaped and painted in glossy black. It is has an authentic registration plate, the DDR national emblem on the rear doors, and other accurate features such as flags. The model makes good use of inserted parts for the aerials, flags, lights, grille, hand hold bars etc.

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