Atlas Vehicles of the Volksarmee – Robur Garant

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


This subscription series is sold by Atlas in Germany. It covers vehicles used by, and in the livery of, the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) which was founded in 1956 and disbanded in 1990 after the re-unification of Germany.

18843-09-2016Robur Garant 30k light lorry 7 550 014

When the Police and the National Peoples Army looked for a light truck, they struck luck quickly – but then they had little choice. In the South-East of the DDR a plant was re-built which had been completely dismantled by the Soviets. This was the Phänomen Works in Zittau. Their light truck was manufactured in two different wheel bases and with rear wheel or four-wheel drive. In 1953 the Phänomen Garant was introduced. Updated in 1956, it was renamed the Robur Garant 30k, though there had been only minor changes.

The accurately shaped body is painted in the same matt olive green used for all NVA vehicles and equipment. From the camouflage-lights and the protective-screens over the headlights to the authentic registration plate under the left rear tail-light it is very faithful to the original. Mirrors, lights and other fittings are small separate parts.

Like all real NVA-vehicles the Garant carries a registration plate only to the rear. The spartan interior with steering wheel and gear lever is nicely detailed, as is the base plate.

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