Atlas Vehicles of the Nationale Volksarmee

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

This subscription series is sold by Atlas in Germany. It covers vehicles used by, and in the livery of, the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) which was founded in 1956 and disbanded in 1990 after the re-unification of Germany.

18543-05-2016Trabant P 601A Field Car  7 550 001

The first small field cars were built by VEB Sachsenring and were classified as the type P 601A. Supply began in 1966. Although intended to be used “off road” it only had two wheel drive. With a weight of only 645 kg, a few soldiers could lift it up or push it if help was necessary. The vehicle is based upon the Trabant car and is fitted with a two cylinder two stroke engine, which was rated at 26 hp at 4200 rpm.


The body was painted in same matt olive green as all NVA vehicles and equipment. It had no doors, only two chains prevented passengers from falling out. From the unique front lights to the spare wheel at the back this is very accurate model.  The military  emblems are well printed.  As is the case with all NVA-vehicles, the Trabi carries a registration plate only at the rear side. A realistic Spartan interior with steering wheel and column gear lever is fitted and an accurate number plate.

18547-05-2016IFA Horch P3 Medium bucket car  7 550 007
The IFA P3 was used as medium weight field car by the NVA. It was made in the VEB Horch Plant in Zwickau based on pre-war designs. Its six cylinder 2,4 litre four stroke engine supplied 75 hp at 3750 rpm. With permanent four-wheel drive, it was capable of a top speed of 95 kph on normal roads. The three-door body was covered by a folding hood. Because third door was placed in the rear panel the  spare wheel was placed above the left rear wheel. The model is well detailed with many small added parts. A reasonably well detailed interior and a fairly detailed baseplate make this a well executed model. As on all real NVA-vehicles the IFA P3 carries a registration plate only at the rear and the GDR emblems are not forgotten.

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