Atlas Trucks Series – Berliet Fire Appliance

By Maz Woolley


The latest model that I have received in the Atlas Dinky Trucks subscription series is a re-creation of a French Dinky toy Fire appliance. Some collectors are reported to have received a Guy Otter flatbed which can be seen on eBay so Atlas’ erratic model dispatches now seem to be affecting this series as well.

Atlas Dinky Berliet Fire

The original French Dinky model was issued in 1957 and numbered 32 E as reproduced on the Atlas reproduction box shown above. The model was later re-numbered 583. This model is based upon the Berliet GLA which had a 2.5 Litre engine.

Atlas Dinky Berliet Fire

The Atlas replica is very nicely painted and finished with white tyres and red hubs as used on the original model when it was launched. The small hose reels to the rear are on detachable trolleys and I imagine that quite a few of these models will be bought to donate these parts to original models which are missing them.

Atlas Dinky Berliet Fire

This is a rather nice model and like all this series it is made in China by Norev for Atlas.

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