Atlas Touring Cars Series

By Maz Woolley

Regular readers will be familiar with Atlas Editions who create themed subscription series which are supplied by mail. Unlike partworks there is no magazine supplied with each model or pretence that it is  a publication. Here in the UK we have had many such series and another has just been announced Atlas Touring Car Series. This starts off with the usual low cost starter model shown below which Frank Gardner drove to victory in the 1968 British Saloon Car Championship.

Atlas Touring Car Collection Ford Escort Mark I

Subsequent models publicised on the Atlas Editions web site include:

  • Will Hoy’s 1991 Championship-winning BMW (E30) M3.
  • Jason Plato’s 2010 Chevrolet Cruze S2000.
  • Bill McGovern’s 1972 Sunbeam Imp Sport.
  • John Cleland’s 1995 Vauxhall Cavalier 16V.
  • John Fitzpatrick’s 1966 Ford Anglia.

If any MAR Online reader subscribes to this series then we would welcome pictures and comments about these models to share with others.

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