Atlas Sports Cars – AC Aceca

By Maz Woolley


Some time ago Atlas sold a series entitled “Sports Cars”. The models were often ones already seen elsewhere like the Jaguar E Type and Aston Martin DB5. Others like the Fiat Dino and Peugeot sports had also appeared elsewhere but were rather cheaper in this series than when produced by Norev. The entire series was diecast to 1:43 scale in China. This is an obsolete series and models are now only available on the secondary market and not from Atlas themselves.

Two models in the series stood out for me the Daimler SP250 and the AC Aceca. Both were based on Norev originals and good models of models that had not appeared in a modern diecast at that point. Of course this meant that prices on the secondary market rocketed and reached levels that I would not pay. In fact in some cases the Atlas models were being priced more highly than the more detailed Norev models that they were based upon. Oxford‘s SP250 has been launched since then and I live in hope that the Atlas price will gradually reduce due to that. No-one else has made an Aceca yet and I was surprised to be able to pick one up for no more than Atlas would charge for it.

The Aceca is a coupé version of the AC Ace the car that was turned into a Cobra in the States. The car originally had a two litre AC engine but the similar two litre Bristol-engined Aceca-Bristol was also available alongside the original from 1956 to 1963. A few cars were built from 1961 to 1963 with a tuned 2553 cc Ford Zephyr engine and these were sold as the Aceca 2.6.

The Atlas model’s number plate is correct for one of the final cars in 1963 and browsing pictures of the car on the web the mid blue colour Atlas have had it painted is shown on several cars.

The model has lots of good features like the wood effect steering wheel rim and silver metal effect spokes. Neat separate grille and light lenses and door and hatch handles are all used. I also like the four piece glazing which allows for excellent flush glazing with silver printing which will not “pop” like so many P-E windows parts are doing. Less good are the the windscreen wipers which are a bit heavy as is the interior mirror. The wire wheels are good without being exceptional.

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