Atlas Jaguar Collection – XK, XKR-S, and XK-SS

By Maz Woolley

The Atlas Jaguar Collection continues with more models which have already been seen produced by Ixo for their own and other ranges. All models are produced to a high standard of detailing superior to that seen in most part works. This includes some nice interior printing for example.

Jaguar XK Coupe

This model is of the car launched in 2006 replacing the XK8 and XKR. Nicely made in red with a beige interior the model is LHD which is slightly dissapointing for a collection sold in the UK. The casting has previously been seen in other ranges in colours such as silver and light metallic blue. The interior has nicely printed central console and instrument panels. Badging is neatly printed.

Jaguar XKR-S

Fitted with a huge 5.0 litre engine this car took just 4.2 seconds to get to 60mph and was limited to a top speed of 186mph. Ixo had already sold this model in red in their own range and here Atlas have had it produced in black which suits the vehicle well. The model is to a high standard with neat badging and another good interior. This time the model is RHD.

Jaguar XK-SS

This is a nice model of a very rare car. Based on D Type chassis left over after the factory pulled out of racing in 1956 the XK-SS was launched in 1957 as road legal car with shattering performance. Sadly a fire at Jaguar’s factory destroyed 9 of the cars leaving just 16 which were mostly sold in the US to wealthy people with a taste for fast cars like Steve McQueen.

The model has been seen before from Ixo in dark blue. [Correction added – The Ixo model is currently showing as a pre-release – thanks to Hans Nordstrom from Helsinki for pointing this out].  Here Atlas have it produced in British Racing Green which looks good and in RHD. Interior detailing is too a reasonable standard and the steering wheel is a nice brown rimmed item.

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