Atlas Jaguar Collection – XJR-12

By Maz Woolley


Atlas Customer Services have informed me that the Jaguar collection is currently expected to finish after 30 parts. If this is the case this will be one of the last models in the collection. The Jaguar XJR has already appeared in this collection in the earlier XJR-9 form. We now get the later XJR-12.

The XJR-12 won the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1990 and then went on to win the Daytona 24 hours race in the same year. Despite qualifying poorly the cars finished first and second due to problems for other teams who had been early leaders. The model represents chassis #388 which won at Daytona driven by Davy Jones, Jan Lammers and Andy Wallace.

Chassis #388 started life as an XJR-9 and was raced at Daytona in 1988 where it did not finish due to mechanical problems. In 1989 it was in the top three at eight races still running as the conventional V12 XJR-9. For the 1990 season the car was rebuilt with a 7 Litre 730 BHP V12 engine. and give the XJR-12 model name. After winning Daytona it then finished in the top three at Sebring. By 1991 the new turbo cars from others were becoming reliable as well as very fast and the XJR-12 was an also ran. Chassis #388 was renovated in 2008 and was seen at various classic car events before being sold for $2,145,000 in 2015.

This model is very similar to the XJR-9 in the collection, though Atlas has made changes where needed. The Silk Cut sponsorship on the XJR-9 has now been replaced by the Castrol livery it ran in in the US in 1990 and the rear wing has been altered to a new split shape supported by delicate plastic struts.   Strangely the aerial on the roof which was present on the XJR-9 has gone on the XJR-12 yet pictures which appear to be of the car at Daytona show an aerial though some other pictures of car do not. Does any reader know whether it had an aerial when it ran at Daytona?

There are a few criticisms. The detachable rear wheel covers are completely obscured by the decals which are also slightly crooked as they are folded over onto the rear of the car. But there are also some nice details like blue seat belts with painted buckles and a lovely fine black plastic wiper blade. The lights front and rear are good and the wheels are a highlight with gold and silver alloy effect rims and tyres with Goodyear Eagle printed on.

As I have commented before this series has generally been to a very high standard for a budget range and this particular model is one of the better ones. In fact the model looks almost identical to the Ixo model which is the Le Mans winning car in Silk Cut Livery, except for the changed livery and missing aerial.

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