Atlas Jaguar Collection XJ8

By Maz Woolley

Atlas Jaguar XJ8

The latest model shipped by Atlas is not the same casting seen before made by PCT (Ixo) for the James Bond Collection in black. This issue is of the earlier x308 version of the XJ8 and is painted British racing green. [Thanks to Dave Gambling who pointed out the error in the earlier version of this post in which the Editor suggested it was the same casting as the one in the James Bond collection which after checking it is not.]  It has a cream interior with neatly reproduced wood trim, as well as instrumentation and console printed to good effect.

The XJ8 was the third generation of the XJ model and featured extensive use of aluminium to keep down weight whilst the car was designed to give a roomy interior and a boot large enough to swallow several sets of golf clubs. Launched in 1997 this car used the modern Jaguar AJ-V8 in 3.2 litre and 4.0 litre versions. It also came in short wheelbase as modelled here and long wheelbase versions. Production ended in 2002.

The gallery below shows photographs of the model. 


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