Atlas Jaguar Collection – XJ6 Saloon

By Maz Woolley


The latest model in the Atlas Jaguar collection has just been issued. Again a model to 1:43 scale diecast by Ixo for Atlas in China.

The Series I XJ6 was the culmination of years of steady development of Jaguar cars and when it was launched the motor press was full of articles claiming that this was the best car in the world with its excellent ride, handling and performance. It was available at the launch with 2.8 and 4.2 Litre engines and of the nearly 80,000 sold only about a quarter were fitted with the 2.8. The 4.2 was capable of 120 MPH and of cruising comfortably at over 100.

Atlas has decided to have this model made in pale primrose with a black interior which was one of the colour schemes available in the UK.  Unusually they have chosen to model the car with a vinyl roof and fabric sunroof which is a  genuine set of options. The primrose yellow paint is well applied. Yellow is normally a very difficult paint to apply but it is not too heavily sprayed and the panel gaps are clear  without too much thinning at the edges.

The Corgi Vanguards model of the XJ6 is one of Corgi’s better ones and sets the standard which this Atlas needs to be judged against. Like the Corgi the Atlas has captured the shape well.  Like Corgi door handles are moulded in and picked out by printing and both have separate mirrors fitted into the door. The wipers fitted to the Atlas are overscale plastic ones unlike the Vanguards which has underscale photo-etch ones so neither are as good as they could be.

The Atlas wheels are different to the Vanguards’ but both styles can be seen on cars pictured on the web. The Atlas wheel finish is a little “plasticky” and the fuel caps are a strange shape and not as clearly defined as the Vanguards model.  Unlike the Vanguards the Atlas model has a printed side trim line, but I believe that this should be a fine black coachline and not a wider silver one. Overall grille and lights are all very acceptable on the Atlas but are slightly finer on the Vanguards model.  The side window chrome on the Atlas is well replicated by printing on plastic flush fitting windows which are moulded in sections and tightly fitted into the casting. Atlas interior has a nice wooden effect dash with instruments printed on but there is no wood effect door cappings leaving it in yellow metal colour which is wrong. The Atlas has  heating element in the rear window and the optional sunroof.  Overall I think that the Vanguards model is slightly better that the Atlas but it is nice to have both.

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