Atlas Jaguar Collection – XJ12C

By Maz Woolley

Atlas Jaguar XJ12C

The XJ12C was built for three years between 1975 and 1978 after first being shown at a Motor Show in 1973. Based on the short wheelbase XJ model it had longer doors welded up from two existing parts. The coupe was available with six cylinders too which sold in larger quantities that the V12.

Finished with a then fashionable vinyl roof the car certainly looks the part of  luxury coupe. Indeed it was chosen as John Steed’s car in the contemporary revival of the Avengers on TV,  albeit with a body kit fitted to it.

I believe that the model is again sourced from Ixo/PCT and has Atlas tampo printed on base. A similar model was sold in a small series by Ixo at Nuremberg  in red with a beige vinyl roof so collectors who cannot afford that scarce release may be pleased to buy this one.

The model is very good  except for the inclusion of the “leaper”, on this a right hand drive car.  Although often fitted as aftermarket additions the XJ was the point at which the leaper was no longer fitted in the UK due to safety legislation. The badging is neatly printed, grilles and wheels well modelled, and the dashboard inside is excellently printed. Even the little black rubber over-riders at the front are painted on.

Atlas Jaguar XJ12C

Atlas Jaguar XJ12C Atlas Jaguar XJ12C Atlas Jaguar XJ12C

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