Atlas Jaguar Collection XJ-S

By Maz Woolley

The latest release in this series is a Jaguar XJ-S, photographs below. This vehicle replaced the E-Type V12 but was always a grand  tourer rather than an out and out sports car. This model represents the car as launched in 1975 with the V12 engine from the E-Type carried forward and giving a top speed of just over 150 miles per hour. With some re-styling along the way the model stayed in production for 21 years.

The model is fixed to the base with Ixo triangular recess but I cannot find any reference to Ixo making this model in their Premium X range.  This model is a good one but not as nice as the Minichamps model which features the later alloy wheels. The chrome line should extend around the rear lights on this model as it does on the Minichamps but it does not do so on this Atlas model.

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