Atlas Jaguar Collection – Mark IV 3.5 Litre

By Maz Woolley

Atlas Jaguar Mark IV

With the pre-war name SS swept away due to it’s unfortunate connotations all the post war cars became marketed as Jaguars. The Jaguar Mark IV was essentially the same as the pre-war SS 3.5 Saloon. This car had a coachbuilt body fitted to a separate chassis. Though the performance from it’s 3.5 litre engine was good it had a reputation for being heavy on fuel.

The Atlas model again has Atlas tampo printed on base and seems to be typical of PCT/Ixo supplied models. Again a nicely printed dashboard exists and door cards are well replicated with winder and door handles printed.  The massive Lucas Headlights are well modelled as is the grille and a small leaper is fitted which is correct for this vehicle. The two tone paint work is well represented with tampo printed chrome masking the  divides well at the waistline.

I did not expect to stay with this series but the models produced so far are all done to a standard higher than many other subscription series/partworks and have covered well chosen variants. It will be interesting to see how many parts Atlas intend to make.

Atlas Jaguar Mark IV Atlas Jaguar Mark IV Atlas Jaguar Mark IV

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