Atlas Jaguar Collection – Jaguar XK150

By Maz Woolley



The latest release in the Atlas Jaguar series is an XK150. These models are diecast by Ixo in China for Atlas  to 1:43 scale.

The XK150 was the last in the XK series of cars. Launched in 1957 as a drophead coupe and a fixed head coupe, a roadster then followed in 1958. This car lasted in production until 1961 when it was replaced by the E type .

The XK150 was initially fitted only with the 3.4 litre version of the XK engine unit but by the time it left production a 3.8 litre engine was used for some high performance versions.

There were a considerable number of differences to the earlier XK range with new one piece windscreen set further back, wings that dipped less in the middle of the car, and a wider bonnet.


Rather better than the model of the XK120 in this series this model is still a long way short of currently expected standards. Though the model has some nicely done detail a lot is not particularly good.  As can be seen above the complicated chrome features on the boot of the car are well captured and like many cars in this range the leaper is well realised. As the photograph below shows the interior is well done with a good steering wheel and dashboard print.


The front end is also quite well modelled with separate lenses for the lights and the massive bumpers are well modelled at both ends.


What is not so good is the over-scale and over-chromed exhaust pipes, the over-scale wipers when we know even plastic ones don’t have to be that large to be resilient, and finally the poor wire wheels which remind me of the ones used by Corgi Classic models many years ago, crude and with sections apparently filled with paint.

All round this is a model that would have seemed good 20 years ago and highlights the way that the standards of even part work models have improved over the years.

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