Atlas Jaguar Collection – Jaguar XFR

By Maz Woolley


The latest model  in the Atlas Jaguar collection has been released. These models are diecast to 1:43 scale in China for Atlas. It is thought that this series is cast for Atlas by PCT industries who already distribute similar mouldings in their Ixo and Premium X ranges.


The model represents an XFR which was launched in 2009 at the Detroit Motor Show. The model as shown is believed to be a 2012 model.


The XFR was fitted with a 5 Litre 500 BHP supercharged V8 and was fitted with special ‘Nevis’ alloy wheels as well as new bumper section and additional air intakes.  Inside the seats had R logos and instruments with red dials.


The model is excellent with nice fine plastic wipers, all the added “body kit”,  as well as the R logo on the grille. There are excellent wheels and the brake disks and calipers are nicely modelled too. Even the wing mirrors are realistically moulded with the indicator section clearly modelled and mirror glass replicated. The interior is nicely moulded and the instruments are printed but no attempt has been made to show the dark oak veneer inside and the instruments are printed in silver with no sign of the red of the real car. Finally the R logos are not moulded into the seat backs. Inside apart this is an impressive model.

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