Atlas Jaguar Collection – Jaguar S Type

By Maz Woolley


The latest issue from Atlas in this collection is the original S Type which was launched in 1963 and produced until 1968. It had the front end from the Mark II Jaguar but a larger boot modelled along the lines of the Mark X and a new rear axle modelled along the lines of the Mark X axle too. Originally intended to replace the Mark II it actually sold alongside it as the Mark II lived on. It was replaced by the 420 with a restyled front end.  It was available fitted with either 3.4 or 3.8 litre engines.

The S Type was one of the best Spot On models made when the car was sold. Recently Neo have produced a nice resin model of this car. But this Ixo made diecast is a nice addition to the options for Jaguar Collectors and I expect that Ixo will make it available in another range at a later date.

The model captures the shape of the car very well. I am particularly impressed with the flush fitted side windows with all the chrome work replicated really well. No complex photo etched parts just neatly printed lines and flush fitting nicely too.

Small fitted parts like the wing mirrors, windscreen wipers, aerial and leaper are all neatly realised. The lights and grill at the front are good although the large amber indicators are not fitted quite straight on either side.

The wheels have accurate body coloured steel centres with a chrome rim embellisher and hub caps. The green section is a little plastic looking but acceptable for a budget model. It would be nice to have the Jaguar symbol printed on the centre of the hub caps but its absence is only a minor loss.

To the rear the “JAGUAR 3.8 S” badging is nicely printed and the number plate surround well made. The rear lights are nice separate parts but are not fitted quite straight on one side.

Inside the seats, flooring, and door cards are pale blue. The door cappings and dashboard are wood coloured and the instrument panel and dials are printed too.

All in all a rather good budget model of a car that fits into the collection well.

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