Atlas Jaguar Collection – Jaguar MK IX

By Maz Woolley


The latest release in the Atlas Jaguar collection is a Mark IX. The Mark IX was the final evolution of the large saloon car which had started as the  Mark VII in 1951 powered by the new XK engine unit. Often known as the “Poor Man’s Bentley” these were luxurious and well made cars selling at very competitive prices. It was replaced by the entirely different Mark X.


The Atlas model is again made by IXO and is a nice model though rather plain in Black compared to the nice two tone grey Oxford model of the same car.  The car captures the shape of the original well and apart from IXO’s usual failings of over scale silver windscreen wipers it is a nice model to have.


So far the Jaguar collection has been notable for rather better quality control than many IXO re-branded models enjoy.

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