Atlas Jaguar Collection – Jaguar Mark V Coupe

By Maz Woolley



The Jaguar Mark V Coupe was a drophead convertible launched at the 1948 London Motor Show at the same time as the XK120, with which it shared a stand. Whilst the chassis was new with all round hydraulic brales and independent fromt suspension the egine uinits were the pre-war 2.5 and 35. Litre units. The styling was an evolution from the pre-war SS- Jaguar lines and for the first time a “leaper” mascot was an optional extra.


The drophead coupé version was produced in very small numbers and is now highly sought after:

  • 2½ litre coupé 28
  • 3½ litre coupé 977


The editor believes that this model has been made for Atlas by IXO and it is likely to appear in a PCT range at some point in the future. It would make a good companion to Matrix’s Mark V drophead which was sold hood down.

The model has been well made though there are few short cuts. The Dashboard has all the indentations for instruments but nothing printed and the rear lights are just faintly painted over the “chrome” on the bumper. The lower part of the car is in plastic whilst the upper part is in metal but the paint is well matched and the gaps where they fit together are acceptable. The wheels are neatly done although most cars pictured on the web appear to have chromed rim embellishers which this does not. The grille and leaper are very nicely done though the grille would benefit from a black wash.

Again another very acceptable model in this series.

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