Atlas Jaguar Collection – D Type, SS1, Mark VII, C Type

By Maz Woolley

This article was originally written for the first MAR Online site in September 2015. It is one of the items which we have collected from the old site before it is eventually turned off. It has been adapted to the new site. 

Jaguar D Type

I think that this has been sourced from PCT and has already appeared in several part work ranges. Here it has been finished to quite a high level of detail. It is a 1957 car finished in Ecurie Ecosse team colours and I believe that it is intended to replicate the winner at Le Mans that year driven by Ron Flockhart and Ivor Beub which did carry the #3 racing number and the 376 SG license plate.

It is a nicely finished model with nicely printed detailing. Whilst it lacks some of the finer detail that would be had on a resin model it is much more robust and would look well on a model of the Ecurie Ecosse car transporter.


SS1 Airline

Another model from PCT that has featured in many part work ranges and as an Ixo already.

It even featured in their horrid chrome effect range. It is nicely finished version though it arrived rattling and had to be taken apart to refit a seat.

Finished here in bright red it features quite a high standard of detailing.

Jaguar Mark VII 1956

This casting appears to be from Ixo who have already made this model in a number of guises from racing car to sophisticated saloon in a lovely champagne finish with white wall tyres.

Here Atlas have had it made in an attractive two tone finish and it is a nice model if not as good in some respects as the Mark VII made by Oxford Diecast.

Jaguar C Type 1951

This model is very similar to the Ixo casting used for their 1951 Le Mans winner. Here is as MDU 212 which is said to be the first C Type fitted with disk brakes. It has been restored and is often seen at classic races in its unusual mid-green colour.

This car was a winner Reims Grand Prix in 1951 and in 1951 it won at Boreham and Turnberry and finished second at Goodwood.

The model has nice wire wheels, though sadly no disc brakes visible behind them. That is too much to expect of a budget model, as is a separate exhaust system rather than a moulded in one. The fly screens are neatly done as is the lovely grille with the light positioned behind it. The interior has a printed dashboard rather than just moulded one and the front lights are lovely with covers over lights underneath.

If I have a criticism it is that the leather bonnet straps have been printed rather heavy-handedly.

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