Atlas Germany – Ambulance Collection

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Photographs taken by the Author.

Atlas Editions Germany has introduced a new range: The Ambulance Collection.  These are produced to 1:43 scale for Atlas in China. This article looks at the first two models in this range.

7 495 001 Mercedes-Benz W 110 Binz


In August 1959 Daimler-Benz introduced a new range distinguished by its tail fins and powered by 6-cylinder engines, the W 111. Two years later the W 110 model followed, the same body with a shorter front end which housed 1.9 litre four cylinder engines with a choice of petrol or diesel fuel. In 1965 the engine size was increased to 2.0 litres.

Body building company Binz used this W 110 as base for designing and manufacturing successful ambulance cars. In October 1946, the Binz company presented its first ambulance car based on the Mercedes-Benz 170V, this was the start of a partnership which is still in place today.

The Mercedes Benz 200 from 1965 was the basis of the first model in this new range. The accurate miniature has already been issued in the James Bond collection. The body is well shaped and has  fault free paint. There are lots of small added parts. The baseplate detail is minimal.


7 495 002 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 1959


“Professional Cars” is the collective name in the USA that covers automobiles used for ambulances, hearses and flower cars. The most common base model for these specialist vehicles is a Cadillac.

Coach builders providing these specialist conversions are S6S, Superior, Eureka and Miller-Meteor. Miller-Meteor was the maker of the car modelled here for Atlas based upon the 1959 Cadillac which sported the largest fins this range was ever to see.

The model is authentically shaped and accurately finished with many small extra parts used. The full range of additional lights are neatly modelled and there is even a stretcher in the rear of the vast patient area. The baseplate is better detailed than that of the Mercedes.

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