Atlas Germany – Ambulance Collection Part 2

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


The third model in this new range of Ambulances from Atlas to a scale of 1:43 has now been sent to subscribers.  Part 1 shows the first two models in this new range.

7 495 103 EMW 340/4 Sanitätskraftwagen (Ambulance car)

BMW presented the model 326 at the International Car and Motorcycle Exhibition in Berlin 1936. This mid-range car was manufactured in their plant at Eisenach in Thuringia. After end of the Second World War the Eisenach BMW plant found itself in the Soviet occupied part of the former Third Reich.

Under Soviet control and supervision the the newly founded state  Avtovelo company developed a new car based on the BMW 326, This was named the BMW 340 ,and after a lost lawsuit in 1952 it was renamed the EMW 340. An estate car was created based upon the saloon car, and this was in turn converted into an Ambulance.

The EMW 340 was powered by a six cylinder petrol engine developing 57 hp with a four speed gearbox providing drive to the rear wheels. In all just over 21,000 BMW/EMW 340s of all kinds were built between 1949 and 1955.

The model is very accurately shaped. It has already issued in the model series “Commercial vehicles of the former DDR”. That version was painted a slightly more ivory colour and was rather more detailed than this issue. Here it is in beige, and with less detail presumably to reduce manufacturing costs. The red and white emblems on the hub caps are missing, the front indicator lights are now only printed and not separate plastic mouldings. The base moulding is fairly basic.

Not only has the model been made to a lower specification but quality control problems at the maker are obvious. The windscreen wipers were not properly attached and one side window was broken.  However, the signal flag was better fixed than on the previous version of this casting.

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