Atlas Dinky – Yet more Reader’s thoughts

Editor: We continue to have readers commenting. This topic has created considerable interest. The key theme seems to be to accept the Atlas Dinky models as what they are just copies. For those who had no access to Dinky France models in the past, and those who cannot afford them now, they are a way to connect to the originals.

Good as long as not passed off as Original

The ongoing debate about Atlas Dinky’s and their validity and collectability seems to be a bone of contention. Personally, I don’t see what the problem is. They provide buyers with a viable source of classic Dinky’s in the kind of condition that to find an original in the same condition would need a large lottery win. In another model collecting magazine last year, a collector of original Dinky’s wrote in to say he was annoyed that he had paid top money for an original model, when a virtually identical model was available by Atlas for peanuts. In his opinion, these cheap copies were wrong.

First of all, what’s it got to do with him, or anybody else, what collectors choose to spend their money on? If you can only afford a cheap imitation, and it looks good in your cabinet, surely, that’s where it ends. Many Atlas Dinky’s really are good, no matter how little they cost compared to an original. It can be likened to those who buy a replica Cobra or GT40. If it looks good to the buyer, and it’s all he can afford, then good luck to him. Just like Atlas, many replicas are very good, although I do draw the line at Cobras with anything other than a Ford V8 installed. If you like Atlas Dinky’s, and why not, then buy them.

Hej till Ragnar och Gunnar fran Mick I England

Mick Haven
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Definitely in favour

Super to see all these French Atlas Dinky models
Hans Nuis
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