Atlas Dinky Trucks Collection – 434 Bedford TK Crash Truck

By Maz Woolley



The latest model in the Atlas Dinky Trucks series here in the UK is this replica of Dinky 434 Bedford TK Crash  Truck which comes with a nicely reproduced box with its period art work and wording neatly incorporating the information that this is a new model from Atlas under license from Mattel.


Atlas have chosen to reproduce the model in Top Rank livery which was more common than the red version in Auto Services livery. Top Rank were major operators of the new Motorway Service Stations in the 1960’s  which used to have garage facilities as well as filling stations. The model was sold from 1964 until 1972 and was one of many uses of the Bedford TK cab casting. Although the Dinky cab is not a particularly good replica of the original it has lovely period feel to it.


Dinky made much of the fully operating winch shown in the photograph above which added a considerable amount of play value. The model was featured in the April 1954 Meccano Magazine as shown below.


The original decals have been replaced by printing on this new version but the print is heavy and gives a good feel of the original livery especially the stylised Rank symbol on the cab doors.


This series is proving to be much more satisfying than the Dinky collection, maybe because my pocket money seldom stretched to these more expensive models when they were originally made.

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