Atlas Dinky Trucks – A summary

By Maz Woolley


The news that some people have had this collection marked as complete, as I have, has caused some discussion on Facebook pages and bulletin boards. As there are a considerable number of people who are still waiting to receive the Foden Regent tanker and a few waiting for others models as well they are rightly concerned about whether Atlas will supply them now the last model in the collection has shipped.

I have extracted the information below from the information Atlas provides online about my collection. It is useful if not always 100% accurate. I would advise collectors to save the information away when a series finishes as I notice that my Jaguar Collection details have suddenly vanished from my members area.


Atlas Description Dinky #
1 LEYLAND ESSO tanker 943
2 GUY Warrior van HEINZ 920
3 BEDFORD TK Tipper 435
4 AUSTIN Covered wagon 413
5 BERLIET GLB Pompiers 32 E
6 LEYLAND Octopus Flat + chains 935
7 GUY Vixen “Lyons” 514
8 BEDFORD TK Wreck Truck 434
9 FODEN High sides Wagon 901
10 GUY Warrior flat truck 432
11 Isobloc Type 3 29 E
12 BERLIET GAK Beverage truck CERT 588
13 AUSTIN Open Wagon 412
14 Foden with chains 905
15 GUY Vixen van “Spratts” 917 Atlas collection list claimed wrongly that this was in “Robertsons” livery
16 GUY Vixen Flat truck 512
17 STUDEBAKER Milk Truck 25 O
18 Panhard semi remorque bache 32 AB
19 FODEN Tanker “Regent” 942
20 FORD Poissy “Calberson” 25 JJ
21 Guy Vixen van “Slumberland” 514
22 CITROËN HY “Philips” 587
23 BEDFORD TK Coal truck 425
24 Ford Benne à ordures 25 V
25 LEYLAND Octopus wagon 934

I believe that Atlas intended to  run this series longer than they have done. Perhaps there was a rapid drop off in collectors when French Models started appearing as there was with the Dinky Toys collection?   It is perhaps better to finish at 25 if the intention had been to eke the series out with models from the continental series as sales may have fallen significantly then.

Many collectors were disappointed by the fact that Atlas did not do a “Robertsons” Guy Van but issued “Spratts” instead. Perhaps political correctness  stopped us getting that. Though it now seems many spare Atlas Vans are being stripped and re-finished with the “Robertsons” decals available to restore old Dinkies.

This series was advertised with a strong emphasis on Dinky Supertoys and the models issued contain a considerable number of them.  All in all the models were nicely made and seem to be regarded by collectors as value for money.

An analysis of the range shows the following:

  • The Guy Vixen casting appeared four times with the Bedford TK and Foden three times and Austin and Leyland castings appearing twice.
  • There were seventeen UK Dinky releases and eight Dinky France originals replicated.

If any reader has received different models to me or has an opinion on this range that they would like to share please use the contact button above or email address at base of the article to let me know.

Although Atlas are still advertising the original Dinky Toys and Dinky Trucks collections to new subscribers it will be interesting to see whether late joiners get the same number of models as those who subscribe just after series is announced. It will also be interesting to see if those who have missed a model when it was released get them sent out before their collections are marked as complete.

The only Dinky Series left still adding models in the UK is what Atlas invoice as Dinky Toys II and which the web site sells as Deluxe Dinky Toys. This has kicked off with entirely French Dinky models after the Aston Martin DB5 starter model. The supply of models seems very erratic with some people having only just received number four whilst others are already on number five.

The DeAgostini version of the Dinky Toys series has also launched in the UK with a magazine as well as the car. This is being sold considerably cheaper than the Atlas collection was but uses the same castings but often painted different colours. If it is successful will DeAgostini – Atlas parent company – switch from the Atlas subscription series sales method to partworks in the UK? If so will the Dinky Trucks re-appear later under a different name?

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