Atlas Dinky Trucks – 942 Foden 14-Ton Tanker “Regent”

By Maz Woolley

All photographs by, and copyright of, the Author except for the excerpt from a June 1955 Dinky Magazine advert.

The latest issue from the Atlas Dinky Truck collection is 942 Foden 14-Ton Tanker “Regent”.

A model originally launched in 1955 using the second type of Foden Tanker casting as shown in the extract from the advert in Meccano magazine in June 1955 shown below.


This model followed 941 which was the same tanker in the equally attractive Mobilgas livery. By 1957 both had been deleted from the catalogue to be replaced by the same tanker in Esso livery. Atlas have chosen to model this in the nostalgic Regent livery. The Regent company was bought by Texaco and in the 1960s all their petrol stations in the UK were rebranded as Texaco.

The Atlas replica has been finished to the usual high standards with the Regent Livery beautifully printed on and the 20 sign on the rear mudguard well printed.

The tank fittings of hatches and crawling ladder are very well done with the ladders nicely pressed out of thin plate. The tank ends are neatly pressed on.

Elsewhere the radiator is well printed as are the lights and the front bumper. Just like the original red wheels are fitted which fits with the Regent red tank.

This series is continuing to meet the expectations of its subscribers. Although we have had a small number of models from Dinky France the majority are of products from Binns Road. This is unlike the Dinky Toys collection where the next model appears to be yet another French model a Peugeot D3A.

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